Thursday, 24 February 2011

Beautiful Bath x

Is it possible to feel even more tired now, than before half term started??????!!! I wish we had another week off, one week just is not enough.
Our half term so far has been filled with housey mending and painting ( more to come of this soon x ) and days out. Today was exciting, as we zoomed up to Bath.........lovely, lovely Bath. MUST.DO.THIS.MORE.OFTEN....we keep saying we will visit the Christmas markets they have there, but after 10 years in the west country we still have not been, tut tut, this year we will!

Hold on to your hats, there are quite a few pictures I simply couldn't whittle down.......

I am afraid Q and I are turning into my parents, dragging along the bumblebee's to stand and look at buildings  architecturally interesting, lucky for us the girls seem happy enough for now to go along with it....but for how long?!

Quite honestly, who wouldn't want a home in the Circus or the Royal Cresent, as we are in Austen country, we can while away the hours at a window dreaming of Darcey........

Of course we squeezed in a visit to a special shop. In fact biggest Bumblebee insisted she wanted to spend her saved up pocket money in there ( a hankie now being used as a head scarf, and yes we stood in everyone's way once we had exited the shop to immediately pop it on her head, tis tre important to her to be looking her bestest! )

Sorry about the blur, I was in a dreamlike state! I wanted to sweep up everything into a Mary Poppins style bag, to bring home and re-create........Aahhhhhhhh.....happiness in a picture.

The day was finished off by cornish pasty buying, and sitting by the river munching..(.avoiding the pigeons...they scare me the delight of the bumblebee's, how rude! ) and a little stroll.
perfect eh?!

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  1. One of the places I really want to visit it is so beautiful and also the added bonus of that very special shop
    xx fee