Thursday, 10 February 2011

The love bunting........x

This afternoon the love bunting was simple, a little time consuming, but good fun, and I adore it. I am now officially in the valentines mood for lurve.....
I had a bit of a niggle with the new black thread......being so eager to crack on with the flags I forgot to adjust my machine to the thicker cotton......but hey, nothings perfect.

Nan Q.'s old lace trim has once again finished a project off having things about the home made with all her old sewing box bits.......(  I have at least five old thimbles and various coloured zips that have been cut out of old trousers.......don't you just think that's fab?! Nothing ever went to waste.......)

But what now?????? Well I have already started a little project for the bumblebee's and friends for their valentine's dinner.....want a sneaky peek?!!!!

Now for a clean up, I am a messy well as being a messy cook. And gardener.... I always leave little piles of weeds etc around!.....MUST clean up and make it look like I do keep a tidy house during the day, and have not spent half the day tweaking bunting and cutting hearts! pop the kettle on.......X


  1. What fantastick bunting - I love it!

  2. Just having a late night wander about while the dog snores away. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Glad to find you - you've got a lovely blog here.


  3. Thanks lovely ladies, what a lot of love going round! x