Monday, 28 February 2011

Melancholy Monday..................x

 I am feeling needy. I feel needy and deserted. Bumblebee's are back at school and Mr.Q after a week long hol has gone back to work....sob sob. I love them all here with me, it's just not fair. Oh yes it is lovely to gain back some sort of routine, a cleaner house (of sorts ) BUT

Yesterday afternoon we did a girly afternoon tea, with homemade scones no less........with shop bought jam, I can't help it....I love those Bonne Maman shaped jars muchly........ How cute are little children's hands?

So today I had elevenses all for me. It was nice not sharing!!! So there's an upside!

Will be posting pictures of the new painted lounge beams soon....I indeed have gone a bit O.T.T with the white paint...oooohhhh x


  1. yummy i love that jam too it all looks lovely .Easter hols are just around the corner
    xx fee