Monday, 21 February 2011

Playdough pour femme........x

Yippeeee it's half term....hurrah that means a few lie in's.....perhaps?!

I have been using my tinted moisturiser for some time now, I find it far easier than fake tan, and avoid zebra like disasters. In the bargain bin in Waitrose I found a new one reduced to £1.50!!! I couldn't believe my eyes ( I was on a bit of a bargain shop actually, I seek out those reduced red labels like no-one else, I have no shame. We all love a bargain, the delight in telling Mr.Q of my savings!!!!! His answer is usually along the lines of....." oh that's good.......WHAT FOR DINNER?" )..........Anyway..................
Since then I have slapped on my new tinted moisturiser with gusto...I can't get enough of it...why? Because it smells of playdough, and I love that smell almost as much as nutmeg.
Littlest Bumblebee in a strange knowing smell induced thought process, this week kept asking for playdough! I think my aroma has jogged her memory for playdough fun.......

And so yesterday we made some. Here is the recipe. So easy....and far cheaper than shop bought. Squished into a fancy jam jar it will keep for weeks. In fact for a kiddies party one year I gave playdough away in jam jars with ribbon and a cutter attached as the going away present....


1 Cup of water.
1 Tablespoon of oil.
1 heaped cup of plain flour.
1 Cup of salt.
2 Teaspoons of cream of tartar.
Food colouring/glitter of choice!

Place all ingredients into a heavy based saucepan ( except the glitter or colouring! ) and heat gently for a few minutes until it becomes firm.
Let it cool and then knead until nice and smooth.
Add required colour and or glitter and have fun! easy is that?!!! 

P.S      The floor stain or paint debate is still in full swing......I think we will have to see how much the boards dry out in the next week....head says stain.....heart says paint!!!


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