Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A stitch and a shelf......................x

B.T.W Did you like my painted twigs?!
I had some Farrow and Ball red left over from another project and mixed it with a little glue.
I am also in the middle of making some love bunting......inspired by Poppy Treffry ( still loving her designs and free stitching...which is not so quick on my old singer machine...but worth the effort! )

I hope to put a picture of the finished bunting on by the end of the week, I just need some more black cotton and a spare few hours....do you have any?!
Meanwhile Mr.Q has been a busy man, sawing, drilling, sanding, and doing general manly tasks around the house, including a shelf. ooooh now this is no ordinary shelf, oh no, ( in the voice of the M&S ads?...er perhaps not ) this had to be an Aggie and Seth proof shelf.....and large enough for wellies, dog leads and the usual stuff coated in mud and chicken poo I find thrown in the back hall.....so

Now these little tinkers are happy and safe in their Breakfast Room Green Doggie Haven.......no more yelps from Sethy as Waggie leaps from his back over the stair gate to escape........
No more chicken poo wellies to trip over in my nice clean socks, and no more stroppy mummy....PERFECT!
We do hope to find some lovely antique pine doors from a reclamation yard to attach to hide it all away, but at the moment....as we had the paint, wood ( from an old piece of unwanted furniture ) and the manly man too....my make do and mend year is off to a flying start.........
What make do and mends are you up to?

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