Saturday, 14 January 2012

A friend in need.........x

There was a time, when I was growing up that I was completely and utterly lost. I thought, what I needed was to be alone and find out who I was. I wasn't sure who I wanted to be, where I wanted to be, and what I wanted to be. And for a long while there I thought I'd never know.
Then it struck me, you can't fight who you are, where your from. But you can grow from it. I learnt to be myself, something as a naughty cheeky teenager, I had no clue about. And then..........I found them.

My two best friends. They kind of , just fell into my lap one day.
My bestest Carrie, who is the only person in the world who can understand how important the colour green is, and why I don't like my bumblebee's calling their tummy buttons belly buttons.
My Q.........who I just knew. I just knew it was him and see, my best friends.
I think some friendships come easier than others, but that doesn't mean you can sit back and take it easy. You must look after each other, and love each other. You don't judge, you listen, you laugh, they don't judge, they listen, and they laugh, and hopefully, that's it.
My bestest has been a bit poorly lately, poor lovely couldn't even talk on the phone. So a pink parcel was sent with love and a hug inside. We live miles apart you see, it's so unfair. But I think one day, we might just live in the same village, sit in our kitchen's for hours and hours slurping tea and eating biscuits, chatting about all the important things, like, hair cuts, and shoes, and Kate Moss's new dress.........

In other news..........WHAAAAAAAT the devil is going on with the weather in England right now??????? I wake up to a wonderful winter Narnia esk land..........minus the snow, but super cold ( -2 ) and super frosty and foggy........I feel like I've entered another world. I'm hibernating with my granny blanket, and a cup of tea...........that's it, I'm done for the weekend.

Happy Weekend lovelies xxxx


  1. Has it gone really chilly? It is getting a bit colder here. It has been unusually mild here this winter.
    Aw, friendships like that are wonderful. I wish my pals and I could hang out and drink tea and eat cake. You sound like a lovely, warm friend.
    I had noone to chat about frocks and things here, until I met my friend Jana, who loves the sparkly stuff they sell in Monsoon like I do. Nothing like a bit of oohing and aahing over pretty things.
    Those parcels are soooo pretty. xxx

  2. oh my days...its bitter and the wind!...well not too breezy but there's a chill in the hills here! ;0(...i met my Mother and twinny and niece with sophia to see the BBC discovering planets/looking at the stars show in the city. we had our group piccy taken by the bbc man...oh dear! hehe...right when my niece had a tantrum and sophia was suffering with belly ache! was soooo cold!. The friendhsips you talk of are wonderful, true and special. my dearest friends live miles and miles away on another coastline. but when we talk often on the phone and via messenger we have such great convo's- like talking to another like minded you, we know what makes each other tick, we get each others feelings and we know how to make each other moves on as you grow up but friendships like that never fade...they grow with you even if you're no longer see them everyday. when i call my essex besty's we always pick up where we left off- ive known them since i was six...its like we're soul sisters.
    it reminds me i have letter to post!...youhave made her some lovely parcels there- hope she feels brighter soon xx

  3. what a lovely post x
    you are so very right, friendships are so precious and need loving attention, i spent this morning making my best friend a special birthday gift ready to post to her on monday...all the way to australia. it makes me constantly sad that she is so far away, but like you, we plan, one day to live close by and spend hours being together.
    hope your friend is feeling better very soon
    love jooles x
    P.s stay warm!

  4. Thats a lovely post,hope your friend feels better soon.Its lovely to have friends that you can call and chat to for hours on end and not run out of things to say.Keep warm,I think the winter is coming.Love Jill xx

  5. My best friend moved away just before Christmas. It's tough isn't it?
    Carrie looks like she's in for a lovely surprise though.

  6. I hope my friends never move away.......I would be heartbroken!
    your weather in the picture looks like the twilight zone , all mysterious!!

  7. There is nothing like a good friend who gets you! I have been thinking about my closest friend of late. She is waiting and waiting for her little bundle of joy to come into this world. So far he has wanted to stay put!

    Here is to good friends and thoughtful parcels wrapped in friendship and hugs!

    MBB x