Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year natterings.....too much caffeine today???? x

WHO ordered this disgusting wind/rain/stormyness???? Not I said Mrs.Q. ( Can I order some sunshine for the school run tomorrow purlease? )

Though...........................it gives me and the bumblebees the opportunity to enjoy a nice snuggled in day of it.

Really it's quite inconvenient, I need to get some passports renewed, and thought we could toddle off today and have our pictures taken...( last time this happened, biggest bumblebee was a toddler, and decided to have the mother of all tantrums, one of those moments you just want to pretend it's someone else's child and tut along with the grannies ....is that wrong? ) but no way am I going out in that....just look at it. ( or perhaps I still have the jitters about THAT tantrum??? )

Hummm should I be worried there seems to be a river forming out in the lane????

I would much rather spend the day sifting through these.....some presents from Christmas.....

We have manged to get out though for some super walks lately....pictures to follow. I love living in the west country, the walks and views, and wildlife are endless.........

P.S....I have been chopping up some of my favorite Christmas cards of this year to make into tags for next year. I remember my Mum doing this as a child and thinking " What? Just go and buy some will you????!!!" however, I seem to have had far too much spare time on my hands, and became too friendly with the pinking shears and hole punch.....( actually I was avoiding putting the decorations away with the Q.....such a faff! And quite depressing, so of course I found very important things to do )........

Happy Tuesday to you all........xxx



  1. ...rain too hey? hehe...its not worth going out in this is it...besides we might wash away. My mother did the same with gift tags and even saved some wrapping papers if salvageable ? is that the right spelling ? ummm. good idea nattie!!
    havent used my crimping sheers in quite some time and are probs hidden under mounds of papers n junk...i have happy school days with a hole punch too ;0).

    stay cosy- your cottage looks so idyllic x

  2. Ahh we bit the bullet and took ours down NYD. I find as a 'growd up' I feel a mix of wanting to get them down for a good refresh and clean and the other half of me still pouts and stomps and wants to refuse to help! just like when I was little. lol

    What a pretty little tent you there in your doorway. Such fun hiding in and playing tea parties I bet!

    Oh yes I managed to get cutting with the christmas cards. All put away now for the end of the year!

    Don't blame you for wanting to stay in, its awful out there today. My Boo's had to go back to school today. They really didn't want to! I love the s/w too, we do have such beautiful countryside here.

    MBB x

  3. It is awful here too.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. That looks like a great displacement activity to me. Just the kind of thing I do! I was back at work today but was pleased to come home and find Mr Jam had packed Christmas away as I hate that part of it. All back in the loft for 'this' year and Mr Jam wondered why the decorations wouldn't fit back in the boxes they came out of??? Men eh!

  5. I too am stuck in doors today.....brrrr we have below zero temps with lots of sunshine though.....I love your home...its magical and your sweet windows and cabinets!

  6. Hee hee your comment about the Xmas tags made me chuckle. I do the same now I'm 'old'. It was so windy yesterday! I was out in it and got soaked and blown to pieces. Luckily there was a warm cafe with hot choccie waiting for me x