Monday, 23 January 2012

Woooaaah there Nelly...............x

The folks came down to stay this weekend. Dad went on the Friday to the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair.....then we went with him on the Saturday. I love a mooch about don't you?.......Q and I were on the lookout for a few bits, ( pine cupboard doors, an old school writing desk, taxidermy -  love us or hate for it......I don't mind )...

But you know, you never seem to find the bits you set out looking for. There was a gent selling loads of school desks for £30 each....Naaaaaahhh we said £20 max.......
Dad said " he's giving you a load of flannel, there's no way he sold them for £65 last week, walk away Nattie, you can do better than that " true, don't you know your dad's always right?

BUT woooooaaahhh there Nelly ( I do love that name B.T.W ), we found a great Lusty Lloyd Loom basket.....pressie from the folks...ta muchly guys!

AND a french metal floral chandelier for the bathroom. Now it's not perfect, and a little bit chewed, but the price was gooooooood and I love daisies. She'll finish off the bathroom nicely I think. £30.......not bad????

So I think you guys ought to get yourselves down to you nearest fair.   found here  Our entrance fee was a neat £5......bargain, and even big bumbleebee came along and found a few wade ornaments for her and to take back for little bumblebee.

The word on the street is summer they are bigger fairs, more to look at, though I found all the stalls at this one enough to be honest......if you do go to any, let me know your haggling tips, I'm always on the lookout for new ones ( the girly voice and eye fluttering only works on the men. Yes that's right, when there are bargains to be had, I'm ruthless, and destroy all women's rights in one swoop.....not quite, but you know what I mean ).

Happy Monday x


  1. ...thanks for sharing the vintage goodies! love that laundry basket and daisy lighting!.
    I went Totnes and saw a lovely horse teddy- a bit tatty but added to its charm. The man said a random high amount , so i put it back quickly i didnt even think to barter! ...on return a few weeks later i picked up the same horsey and said firmly a price i was willing to pay! and it was accepted!. i feel more confident at saying prices now at the vintage markets i visit. but its still daunting picking a price out the air!
    Its a wonderful atmosphere though visiting a bustling market it really cheers me up just the vintage eye candy and stall gazing! ;0)x

  2. Ooooh that flower lighting is absolutely lovely

  3. Good for you for sticking to your guns regarding the desks! Have to admit if I really fall in love with something find it hard to walk away.

    Sounds like you had a great time with your dad mooching and haggling and buying some great things. It is what perfect weekends are made of!

    MBB x

  4. Nice goodies Nattie,my hubby always haggles if he wants something,I flatter my eyes if its a man and put on the little girl smile,I know I shouldnt but it works.Love Jill xx