Monday, 30 January 2012

I have this thing about pale and interesting ........................x

I love colour, that's no surprise.

I also love calm.

And sometimes, it's hard to find the medium, within your home.

When we moved to the cottage, I wanted a relaxed, calm, pretty, cottage. A place where people feel they can slump on the sofa and not worry about non plumped cushions.
A warm, happy, cosy, family home.

I have this thing about pale and interesting, if I want all the colour and pattern, there has to be lots of pale and interesting........though, I fight it, oh I do. Because colour, to me, is a must. It's a personal thing. I know my house is not to everyone's taste. ( just like nail varnish, clothes, music, books ) and nor should it be. 

Some friends are doing a cottage up at the moment. They literally bought a shell. A very interesting shell. In the middle of a tiny Somerset village, nestled in between fields full of sheep, the village hall, and old red telephone box ( which has been turned into a Library B.T.W )
  It had been lived in for years and years by the same family, who just painted over the cracks, added more wallpaper to already layered walls. You know the place, you pull a piece of wallpaper off the wall, and a plant is growing up the crumbling damp wall behind. There are holes in the floor boards. The roof is great for star gazing at least.
Anyway, the house is nearly finished, they've done so well. But what I like love and adore about it the fact that they have kept all the wood, they've kept the windows, they've bashed out the old ingle- nook fireplace, spent hour upon hour pulling, hacking up sticky manky floor tiles to find beautiful stone floors. The plasterer's have not smoothed the walls out within an inch of their lives. That would just look wrong huh? Wonky walls, thick and cumbersome are true cottage styleeeeee.

This is what I think......keep it simple, build upon what's there, if you have features of an unconventional style, use them. Don't try to hide them, or disguise them.
See how you use your space, big or small....then add colour, and shape.

This is just my opinion, and of course, my house is far too cluttered, there's never enough storage space for all our crap. And the dogs and bumblebee's cake mud and mess on everything.

But I do love the simple bits and pieces.
The calm in the storm.

That's all xxxxxx


  1. Well I for one love you style.

    I know what you mean though, I love colour and in the past have slapped it on our walls willy nilly and then got bored with it. Hated that it made a room dark or limited to what other colours you can use in there.

    I have vowed that from now on the walls are nutral and the colour comes from furniture,soft furnishing etc. I think this will work. I love lots of different styles too, so it can be really hard to know how to go about decorating whilst staying true to what you love.

    I think you are doing it right. I very often admire your lovely cottagey rooms. And all the colour its just how i imagine my dream cottage will look one day!

    MBB x

  2. So cute .....I also love the pale and color I just seem to always end with color....listening to you talk about cracks and holes they probably had a mouse or two over the years also.......they are my arch nemesis .....have a great week!

  3. you have made your cottage a truly lovely place to be...i love pale pastels with a little colour thrown in too...i get all giddy when you put up piccys of your home ;0)x love it x

  4. Me gusta tu casa,me gustan las casas imperfectas en las que siempre hay cosas que mejorar,son más divertidas.Saludos desde España.

  5. Your cottage looks amazing! What lovely photo's you've shown us. I love the pale pink wall in you kitchen..!? I'm desperate to have a bit of colour in our home, but at the moment we rent so are limited as to what we can paint... Oh and beautiful piano!

    Ashley xxx

  6. Hi Nattie,lovely pics of your home,your home always looks pretty.Im the same, people may not like my house but I do,some rooms have bright colours some have pale colours,but its what I do,mix and match.Love Jillxx

  7. Oh I'm the same, love pops of colour everywhere, but my other half like calm colours :) Give me baby blue and powder pink any day with dots and spots and floral pattern too :) Love the images from your home

    All things nice...

  8. ...and such a gorgeous home you have. I love the pale with the little touches of red colour you've added. Just perfect.

    Nina x

  9. Your house looks lovely Nattie, I'd move in! I'm with you on the colour front - gotta have it. Blues and greens are my favourite and my best. Oh and green with a smidge of pink as well. Oh and I do like cream and green in a kitchen... think I'll have to dig out some old housey photos now.

  10. Beautiful, welcoming home.....I'd be so happy to come and slump on your sofas anytime! Helen x

  11. I think we might have been separated at birth!! I am exactly the same. When I moved into my cottage I painted it all white and pretty much anything that was put in it got painted white and then slowly but surely colour has crept in (the same millie wallpaper as you has appeared in my bathroom and the white version in my bedroom!) I love it though. It's totally cluttered but every little piece and every corner has a story to tell and I know all those stories :O)

  12. What a beautiful cosy home you have. I love it, wonderful moments of colour.

  13. I love pale and interesting - but add splashes of color pops to brighten up my day - just like you - your home is divine,

  14. I think your home looks great! I love white, pale and as my husband would say 'dollshouse' look! I love your piano and the red gingham and florals in the kitchen look great!