Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A walk............x

I've been a terrible dog owner these last few weeks. I've barely taken them out. Lucky for me, Q likes a good ramble in the evenings and takes Sethy and Aggie with him on adventures that are hours long, across fields, up hills, in the dark, mwwwaaaa too scary for me, you don't know what's lurking about out there eh?

I know it mostly has alot to do with me being jittery with other dogs. I suppose as I am usually the one taking them out, it's more likely that something will happen with me. I hate it when it does. Three times I have had dogs biting mine and it scares me, worries me, and mostly makes me angry. PLEASE can people with aggressive dogs ( you must know who you are, you must realise when your dog is a danger surely??? ) keep them on the lead.....It's THAT simple. 

But today after a morning at the bumblebee's school making posters with one class.......( I love me some poster paint, ooooh that smell!!!! )....I took Aggie out for a quick jaunty and pictured........my fav houses in this ere neck of the woods.

Makes me wanna run about in a bonnet calling for Mr. Darcy.........

My Nanny McPhee house, I WILL live here .....one day.

The stone used in this area is hamstone. It's local and not dis similar than what's used in the Cotswolds. When we first moved this way, I wasnt sure about it, as I'd grown up with the weather boarded, flint and brick stone houses of Sussex. But I like the hamstone, it's warm and honey colour makes me feel comforted and at home. Which one would you live in???????



  1. I think I'd plump for Mr Darcy's! My car would look nice on the rather grand driveway. I used to be so fussy about buying houses and have had some beautiful ones including a pink one until last year. But we have finally ended up with 30's pebbledash and do you know I'm growing to like it!

  2. Hi Nattie, I'm certainly with you on the dog front, I know a few people with dogs that should be kept on their leads but I'm even more concerned about it now as I now have a puppy who will need lots of long walks just hope I don't meet any of these nasty dogs. Funny I've named our dog Darcy (girl) but it is because I'm such a big fan of Jane Austen. I love the hamstone around this area those houses look familiar.
    Hope you have a good week x

  3. That does look like a Mr. Darcy house....I too am scared of aggressive dogs when I go for walks, you would think I'd be scared of the moose and bears but nope ....your doggy is so sweet!

  4. i soooo agree about 'bad owners of dogs'...my friend was bitten by a dog- she was only 6 years old and still has the scare on her upper lips...it went for her at a friends party and the family almost blamed it on my friend. Despite this in our teens we dog walked elderly neighbours dogs- 4 all together. we had a mix bag of dogs but all got on well together but one day we met a man comming up from the big park near where we lived and his dog started attacking all the dogs- it was really scarey!!!! and we let too leads go so they could run away!. The man blamed it on us when all our dogs were on leads his dog was nuts! very aggressive and the owner the same...we still dog walked after that but we kept out of the park in case we saw the man again. but its the owners fault they MUST KNOW they have dogs with aggressive natures but still allow them to be off leads...i find taking sophia to the park a worry cos ive notice a big trend in these pit ball type dogs and the amount of times they've jumped up at my daughter on her scooter...even she doesn't like going on it if there are those dogs about. i get very nurvy of dogs now and i think there has been an increase in dodgy agressive owners too who just shouldnt own pets. love the views and wals around you...your dogs look so adorable xx

  5. oooh how lovely, i'll follow Mr Darcy....where ever he lives is good with me ;o) they are both lovely.
    Do you know we have bben thinking about the possibility of getting a dog but the very same thing puts me off. other dogs can be so scary.
    your aggie is gorgeous x
    love jooles x

  6. I love both houses but the second one is my favourite one,Id love to live in a big old rambling house with lots of history behind it.Love Jill xx

  7. Ooh, I'd have either house, I'm sure they would both be perfect to live in! We don't have dogs but I know what you mean about "those" dog owners, I'm sure they're the ones who never clean up after their dogs either. Have a great weekend. xx