Thursday, 12 January 2012

Notes, critters and a red wardrobe.....x

I love little notes, and think beautiful should absolutely be spelt "Byootfool" always x

The bumblebee's have a slight Sylvanian obsession. I go with it, because, A. I like the little critters furry soft faces and ditsy outfits and B. It could be worse, Barbie? Bratz? Disney? High School Musical? All these things make me want to vomit.
Now and then, I have a bit of a freak out about them. Minuscule sweets and forks get sucked up the hoover, things get trodden on, lost, and mostly they are great at collecting dust,  infact they are brilliant at collecting dust, great for an Asthmatic child don't you think?
This morning though, I thought how sweet they are again, as I nearly trod on the B.B.Q set in the middle of their room, but I have to say parents out there, if you are stuck for birthday gifts etc, these are great, they can collect them and collect them, and build up a little village ( which I have to say is my favourite thing to play tidy up with!!! Yes I sit for a fair amount of time, putting sandwiches on plates, making the beds, adjusting the furniture just so ).
Did I really just write all that about Sylvanian Families??????? GOT.TO.GET.OUT.MORE.

Wanted to show you these cute little desk lamps the girls have, red from Ikea, bargains, and they love'em. Quite funky and will hopefully do them for a while......I love a good buy.

Also Ta daaaaa moment for my wardrobe.
You'd better believe it kiddos, bargain buy on Ebay, Annie Sloan red paint ( so delicious ) and bit of left over Farrow and Ball green, sandpaper, wax...........

Well hello there......

She's great, right?

Could do with a bit more buffing.....and she looks patchy in the pictures, but it real life she aint......
God love her........

I'm thinking one day a bumblebee will have her, and might disappear in her to Narnia.....must get some fur coats to go inside just incase.


  1. What a lovely wardrobe, I love the colour red. Boo has a red bed. Not very professionally spray painted but it matters not she loves it!

    In our house zuzu pets reign supreme. With a bit of littlest pets shop thrown in. Although Lala is mad on Ben 10, a phase I hope she grows out of but no sign yet. The girls have been brought Barbies and the like but show no real interest in them. I have a full box full of mainly naked dolls! I think the pets and even Ben 10 is better than those kind of dolls.

    Your little girls room is so sweet. Something magical about an attic bedroom!

    MBB x

  2. oh my i could quite easily step into the Narnia red wardrobe with my big furry coat on hehe ;0)...reminds me of the wardrobe i had as a child. I have been painting Sophia's wardrobe this week, from boring wood varnish brown to white...needs several coats!!- as in paint not Narnia coats! hehe ;0). love bumblebee's letter of love- cute x
    my daughter has several bits of Sylvanian ware- houses, shop, gypsy caravan and a long bardge boat...i love all the bits- the otter families my fav!!...i like to do the clicky fingers like mary poppins and show her a tidy room with all her things back where they should be before she goes in and has fun messing it all about again sure my hoover has a whole picnic set lodged in it- A family of Sylvanians living in it like The Borrowers hehe x

  3. What a gorgeous little note. How sweet!!

    Love the red cupboard, it's fab. xx

  4. We're right with you on the sylvs, as they're known in our house! Plastic by tasteful. I bought a fab canal boat for £10 on Ebay for the youngest jammer's Christmas present. It wasn't til my friend picked it up for me I realised it is HUGE! She loves it and I must admit I do like all the setting up. It's just so BIG. I never know where to keep stuff like that.
    PS fabby looking patchwork curtains

  5. I adore the RED wardrobe.....and what a sweet note I save them all.....what a great post!

  6. Awwww thanks guys for your lovely words, I do think ebay is a great way of adding to the Sylvanian collection, especially when so many bits get lost up the hoover!Hummmm I may go and have a looky now! ( ebay! )
    nattie x
    P.S Glad you all like the wardrobe.