Friday, 6 January 2012

This 'ere paintbrush........x

I felt the sudden need to smarten up the house this week. I'm not just talking about actually hoovering under the beds, or scrubbing the kitchen cupboards.
I was am on a mission, to finish things. Like the living room cupboard, like the bathroom cabinet, like Q 's wardrobe, like, like like, to be honest the list could go on, and on....for now though, each day that the bumblebee's have been to school, I've tried to finish jobs. The lounge cupboard ( which to the girls is known as the craft cupboard, paints, pens, paper, glitter etc....... it's a very good cupboard actually, it's victorian roots are deep and tardis like ) has had her make up applied. I mixed some of my Annie Sloan paints together to create a very bohemian innards....lovely.

Just need to wax it, and she's finished. One down.....billions to go.
The thing is.....I like quick fast success, and I have never seemed to finish a paint job properly...the inside never looks as good as the out....I know you don't see it under the tower of junk that will hide within, but if I bought a painted piece of furniture from someone, I would expect it to be finished well and painted in and out.

Painting furniture makes me soooo happy I can't even begin to explain it. It started with my good old Dad. The Antiques dealer ( or furniture restorer he says ) all my childhood being surrounded by glorious pieces, some were painted, some were sent to the strippers yard down the road, then waxed ( I helped buff.......for about one minute, until I got bored and tried to hide in various wardrobes/blanket boxes to escape the chores...I really did )....... 

Are some things etched into the very heart of you? Do you think it's possible that you just are, and always

Or maybe we have such attachments to things......emotions.

Whatever it may be, I know that the smell of old pine on paint cheers my soul.

So that's what I've been ticking along doing this week.
Also can I just take a moment to say I have a sore throat........yes I do, and I'm feeling really sorry for myself....with my lemon and honey, my knitted hat on, dressing gown and slippers on at 4.30pm.......that's me this weekend.
 When as a mother, do we suddenly stop catching all the bugs from the little people???? Please say it's soon..........



  1. Been painting furniture today too! 'Easy' way to solve the germ problem - become a teacher, we're immune to everything.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon.
    You do get a gap of not catching anything then.... along come the grandchildren!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Ohhh, you've gone and got me all excited. I ordered some Annie Sloan paint (just old white to start with) yesterday on a whim. I've this overwhelming desire to paint all our pine. It's not cheap but it's the 'no sanding required' thing that swung it for me.

    Now I really NEED some of that luscious pink. Your crafty cupboard looks fantastic.

    Re the germs, I didn't get the last batch of lurgy from my children and they're 10 and 13. Famous last words ...


  4. Your cupboard is lovely. It reminds me of mine, but mine was found without the doors.
    I have just caught the MAMA of all bugs from Eliska and have spent most of the week in a dressing gown being a shivering wreck. I hope she doesn't catch anything else too soon.
    I love your cutest of cuteness house and all the christmas things you did. You are very clever. Hope you feel better soon. I like to wear a hat indoors too. xxx

  5. Hi, i love that cupboard it looks fab, i bought a pine dresser last summer on intention of painting it cotton white, still haven't done it yet, i wonder if i ever will? everyone keeps saying 'ooh you can't paint that !' ... lol i love painted pine .. oh and i ware my bobble hat indoors all the time, and had my dressing gown on at 12oclock today haha .
    Have a good evening :)
    Mantha xx

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon,stay in your dressing gown I love mine when Im feeling poorly or even when Im not most of the time really LOL.Love the colour pink you have done the inside of your cupboard with its just my colour.Love Jill xx

  7. Oh I hear you in regards to the cleaning. Hope you are feeling better soon. Sometimes I am known to stay in PJ's for the whole day. I will follow on my way out so I can revisit and check on you from time to time. I hope twenty twelve is everything you wish for. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  8. I hope you feel better soon!!! Love the new color!

  9. Gorgeous, I love your cupboard and the pink inside is lovely. I bought a desk back in April with all intention on paiting it but I'm a little scared I'll mess it up as it will be my first furniture paint job lol.
    Hope you feel better soon x

  10. awww bless you, sophia was off school with eye infection (conjunctiveitous?)...she went to the open surgery and had medicated eye drops- but i sent her back today- hope shes ok...was thinking hope i dont get it as we kept passing ear infections backwards n forwards b4 christmas.
    love the pink inside the cupboard -great idea- love the floral vintage pictures framed on your wall x