Wednesday, 16 March 2011


When there are boring jobs, sorting, and paper work to be done....I always seem to find some thing far more important to do, that just can't wait.
Like sewing a present for a special that JUST could not wait.

And faffing with the wallpaper samples for the bumblebee's room.
Sticking my head in the wallpaper paste bowl, ignoring pending boring jobs, and...well.....having a bit of fun really!!

I have littlest Bumblebee off school with a nasty cough today, and whist I slapped on the paste and positioned, and re positioned, she wandered in from my bedroom ( where she had been flopping ) and gave me the thumbs up, what more could I ask for eh?
I just felt that, in a few years I did not want the girls growing out of their bedroom decor, but needing to keep it girly, but not too grown up. With the Green Ground Farrow and Ball walls, bits of pink here and there, some bunting, AND now the wallpapered chimney breast I think we have the answer.....

Actually.....I feel quite jealous, their room has far more space than ours, with lovely views either side. Just hope biggest Bumblebee comes home and likes it too!!!!

Now then........what other jobs can I find to do...........xx


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hello. Love the patchwork wall. I'm sure all the girls will love it and I agree about trying to give them rooms they can grow old with.
    Hen x

  2. I found you on Henhouse blog........
    What a lovely idea with the wallpaper
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Thank you so much Hen and