Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A good book and wafting jasmine................x

I have started reading a wonderful book.I am completely taken with it, it's one of those reads that you find yourself thinking about during the day, and when reading I am totally immersed........perhaps it is because this book is written with such a melodious and whimsical hand - it is a grown up fairy tale, I feel 10 again. Snuggled in a corner of my bedroom with my duvet around my shoulders, and a drink of squash on hand!
Children at heart must read this book!!!

 Another thing I am taken with is my Body Shop room spray which I keep squirting on the the annoyance of the family....the bumblebee's surprisingly are not keen and have uttered " urgh " and "what's that stink?" very rude.

Jasmine and Frangipani is my best right now.

I am not sure where the week has gone so far...but now I am focusing on some nice things to do. The arranging of jumble for a stall I am manning at an Easter hunt in aid of the bumblebee's pre-school and School....I have a vision ( perhaps slightly rose tinted ) of vintage fabrics and pressed glassware being donated and discovered, however we will be happy with anything that is sell-able for a few pennies!! And I am looking forward to the weekly helping out at swimming class later is a sweet little job to be helping with, plus....I get to spy on Tilly bumblebee's interesting. She can't swim for toffee, but told all her teachers she can swim the whole pool!!! That one does love to tell a tale........
Perhaps if she giggled a lot less ...perhaps she might not swallow so much of the pool!!!
Really the real reason for helping is I'm sure I sweat the lbs off whilst on the sidelines......I can live in hope!


  1. your book sounds really good I'll have to look that one up I have just been spraying smelly stuff around myself but I dont think the febreeze sounds as nice as your room spray I may have to go and investigate that when im in town next .I love your basket/table I am looking at my coffee table right now and at all the clutter under it and thinking I desperatly need something like that.
    my daughter sounds a bit like your she tells everyone she can swim when all she can really do is the backstroke but I am sure they will learn with practice .
    hope you manage to find lots of things to sell to raise lots money and maybe find some nice things for yourself
    enjoy your day xx fee

  2. I love grape hyacinths. They're early aren't they? Nice smells are so much better than stinky dogs and trumpy kids which seems to be our sitting room scent in the evening - yuk.

    I'm with you on Nanny McPhee film dress code (previous post). My friend and I oohhed at her red shoes and coat and then wailed when she dropped it in the syrup. Too many gorgeous things to look at at once in that film.

    Have a great jumble.

    Lisa x