Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spring cover fantasist .......................x

I buy far too many magazines...........but what can I do when a cover looks so good?

Cucumber sandwiches with little flags, pastel coloured iced biscuits, and a yellow Easter cake topped with chicks and def. going to have a bit of bunting on my Easter cake. AND my sandwiches will be adorned with flags, with the sweet waftings of hyacinths on the window sills......
I love leafing through housey magazines with a cup of tea, I think perhaps I am just nosey.......looking at the lovely houses inside wishing I had a timber framed conservatory, and a bespoke kitchen with a smeg fridge, and an aga, and, and, and, and....the list could go on couldn't it? But lets be happy with what we have, because we always want more, more, more, and really..............

I was happy to just find the spirit of spring......

YELLOW NAIL VARNISH!!!!!!! Ooooooh and to think I nearly walked past it in H&M at the weekend. B.T.W they have some rally nice colours in there, but Mr.Q had had quite enough of wandering around by that time....and I sensed I was on thin ice! ( A longer post of our trip to Exeter will follow soon )

Do you love ribbons?????????????????????????????????????????????? Me too, I like wrapping presents in them, and putting them in the bumblebee's hair....and so I bought in bulk today as you never know when they might be needed.

Thank you for all your sun shiney wishes, we have had a rather good few sunny days non? As I sit tapping away, the sun is streaming through the lounge windows, onto some very sleepy lazy dogs on the sofa! AND it is 5PM!!!!!


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