Thursday, 31 March 2011

This and that.....x

Today as I write, I am still listening to Alice Gold ( feeling like a teenager, playing my favourite song, over and over again, to the point of killing it!!! ) and feeling the wind blustering through the large gaps in the window, which are still kind of boarded up due to moody weather.........

So I have learnt this week I am utterly useless at puttying ( is this even a word? ) up the windows, and should def. stick to my paint brush.....who knew re painting sash windows would be so all consuming? Am a bit over it by now.........BUT I am ever so good a re buffing the latches even if it did take me THREE hours for three latches.....yes THREE hours......seriously, I'm all out of brasso now!

Just look at this gorgeousness would you. This arrived on my doorstep this morning, and it is full of her pretty ceramics and bits and bobs. I love the simple designs, hearts and strawberry ones are my best. Susie Watson, in my mind, must be an angel. With a glittery haze that surrounds her and a magic wand to conjure up such beautifulness.

So while the windows lay untouched for a few days ....even though I should really be trying to grasp puttying, I have been cutting out fabrics for my first EVER Stitch and Bitch with pals excited I could burst! I am starting on a patchwork....all for me, greedy greedy me.

This little pile is my starting point, a few old pillow case covers, a few vintage ones, and some lovely ones donated by my bestest's ever growing fabric collection. I could think of nothing more perfect on a Friday morning...ahhhhhhhh. Oh and we have the Mother's Day Service at the church in the afternoon. Talulla bumblebee told me to bring some tissues with me, as she thinks I will cry......and I will, because I will be bursting with love and being so proud of my two bumblebee's......I love children singing, more than I love the smell of nutmeg, the colour green, and flowers.

Can you all send us sunny weather in Somerset this weekend please??????? I would love for the dining room window to look lovely again........only nine more windows to go!!!

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  1. I've got Supertramp - take the long way home on at the takes me back way too far, but I love it!

    Hears sending you some sunshine vibes,

    Nina x