Monday, 20 June 2011

9 years and he's a tinker...........x

Ooooh we had a little celebration last week at the cottage. 9 years being married to Mr.Q ( I am quite the lucky lady )'s strange how the time passes, but it feels like yesterday. I can honestly say he is my very best friend, and all it takes is a little wink or a smile across a room, and he still makes my heart flutter...................

We opted for a scrummy lunch rather than faffing with sitters in the evening, and this was also our present to each other.......if one sunny day you find yourself in Somerset, in need of a lovely lunch then you must come here The Lord poulett which is in the same village as the bumblebee's school.

And we cant skirt around Father's day, because although we don't make a huge fuss of these sorts of days regarding pennies, the bumblebee's like to make cards and treats and things...big bumblebee made brownies, and littlest bumblebee made coconut mice! ( awww a squished mice look!! )......afternoon tea anyone?.............
I think Mr.Q had a nice day, with his fav meal, lots of cuddles, and few board games, a little dance by the girls, and a violin and recorder concert by big bumblebee...phewwwwww.

This is Ham Hill B.T.W worth a little wander and visit to walk off that lunch you'll have at the pub when your in Somerset!
So my man has a new project with work starting soon..... once we come back from a little holiday next week ( my birthday holiday oooooooh super exciting ) he will start it. I hope this will keep those clever little cogs in his head turning, and keep his mind as busy as a bee, because, I don't know about the men in your lives, but mine seems to always be doing something, tinkering away, doing this and that....and this just might keep him out of trouble for a while.....

T.T.F.N xxxx

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  1. congratulations on 9 happy years and many many more ahead. xx