Monday, 13 June 2011

Two beauts!......................x

What a crazy bonkers weekend.....yup it was the village garden party ( or fete to normal peeps! ).......and goodness me it poured! My poor friend next to me, had a lovely stall with all her florally home bits and pieces ( my eyes popped out of my head when she started unpacking.....oooooh I'll have many a thing please )...we tried to shelter her stock as much as we could...the bumblebee's hid under the table, was wild!!!
Then the sun came out, people parted with pennies, money was made for the village hall, and all was well. The raffle stall I was on raised a whopping £112!!! fantastic, but even more fantastic, was that my Dad and brother came to visit.....
And just have a lookey here what my FAB Dad bought all the way from Sussex for me....

I am such a lucky girl, I only mentioned that I was on the look out for a stool for pals and bumblebee's to plonk their bottoms on to chat whilst I make cups of teas!!! Mum bless her, said " Ooooh Bob, Nattie's after a stool, we have this one here we don't use, take it down for her??".....and low and behold, here it is! An Edwardian stool no you are all welcome to come and sit in my teeny kitchen.

Just when you think things can't get any better they do!!! Oh I've had such a drought in the treasure department lately, I'm not quite sure why.......but just as everyone as packing up at the garden party, I spotted something across the way.......the bumblebee's were left looking after all the left over raffle stuffs, with strict instructions not to move an inch....( they were quite happy don't worry, they were in the middle of a game of Doctor Who...with pens being used a sonic screwdrivers )...and there, the last thing being packed up was a beaut!

This pretty little picture, was £2 ( more than fair non?).....I felt sure Mr.Q wouldn't object as there are no flowers or pink in it.....

The downside is that I've had to have a bit of a clear out an all that. It has been tough. How can I choose what stays and goes? The thing is.....I am going to box these clutter bits up under the bed and save them as I have an idea up my sleeve.....shhhhh don't tell the Q....

There's no use cleaning the windows here.....well that's my excuse............................................x


  1. what a lovely picture, that looks great over the shelves. love the lace. x

  2. Ooh your house looks lovely - you obvs live on a farm to have tractors passing so close by. So envious!

    Love your blog.

    NIcki xx if you fancy popping over.

  3. Thank you sooo much, I do love my LITTLE cottage! But alas, we don't live on a farm ( I wish! ) but a farm tractor rat run, which as it goes is lovely, if a little scary when your car is parked outside!
    Thanks for popping by....
    Nattie x