Saturday, 4 June 2011

Feathered friends..........................x

Well, what a wonderful half term week we have had, mainly catching up with pals, doing gardeny bits, days out, and crafts with the bumblebee's.
The sun is truly shining today, and I rather fancy pottering about a bit in the garden. Yesterday's sun was also wonderful, but I have discovered that I am still not all completely tickity boo after my recent poorlyness, and the added sun ( not that I'm complaining about it...honest )....all took it's toll yesterday evening, and I had to curl up on the sofa, with a blanket, and a cup of tea and snuggle and rest and watch silly T.V.....was quite lovely!

Now all week I have been meaning to show you these pictures of recent visitors to the garden. I love it when birds pop up at the feeder, the girls are also keen to watch what ever turns up, although they do get a lot of " Sssshhhhhhh, don't move a muscle...Ssssssssh SSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Mr.Woodpecker was far more shy than the cheeky Mr.Jay......what a lovely sight though!

I am thinking some crafty projects up right now, inspired by my new feathered friends......

Has anyone else had any problems with slow short growing sweet peas? They are flowering as you can see, but there's just no height yet...hummmmmm

Happy Weekend everyone xxxxxx


  1. My sweetpea are little tiddlers this year - I can see they are just about to flower, but as you say - no height! Weather.......maybe?

    Lovely birdie pictures,

    Nina xxx

  2. I love seeing the birds at this time of year - you feel so lucky when you see a woodpecker somehow - like its a privilege. We used to get loads of Jays, and now that I think of it, haven't seen any this year - maybe you've got 'em all!

  3. Ah it's good to know I am not the only one with tiddlers for sweetpeas!......tre odd...

    Cathy, I have never seen jays here before, although we've only been here for a year and a half, but I adore them! I will remember to tell them to fly your way next!

    nattie x