Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Some wants and a sandwich bag................x

I love a sale, it's the thought that you are getting a real bargain, something of quality, something that catches your eye, not just any old rubbish, spending for spendings sake.

There are some brill sales on right now, not only that but the Cath Kidston one starts this week too!! (Squeals)....If it wasn't so drizzly this afternoon, I would find myself a dandelion clock, and wish for all my favourite sale bargains...






(Anthropologie wallpaper)

(Cabbages and Roses)

One of the above beautiful things I have invested in....can you guess which one?

Sometimes though it's just enough to look, and wish and wonder, then off we go to buy new school shoes or a new washing machine...oh the glory of it all!

In fact, I have had a not so glorious day, which I think I can put it down to karma, you see I bought one of the above lovely sale bargains, and then had to pick up little bumblebee from school as she felt sick, and was indeed sticky hot from a temperature. Feeling like old mother hubbard we had to go shopping, so.....with a drink of water, and a sandwich bag acting as a sick bag round we went. I was doing that mummy thing of scanning the aisles and shelves super quick fast, every now and then muttering " ummmm, oh that's nice" a chattering sick bumblebee, who announced right at the checkout that she was going to be sick " oh can't you hold on?" I said ( I know, it sounds really baaaad, and I felt feel like a such a meanie ).......don't panic, she wasn't sick, and hasn't been all day, but oh the panic, the blind panic that went through me!
 Perhaps you read my blogging spot for ideas, things that make you smile, like minded loves and wants, but today I feel I have shattered that.....sorry ,but some days are just plain hard work.

Our Welsh holiday at the weekend can't come quick leave me some happy smiley comments to make me laugh today....please...please...PLEASE!!!!!


  1. Beautiful things - love them all! Did get the CK email through this morning so will have a drool a bit later. 'Sick' children at a checkout is my idea of a nightmare! - I hope I don't ever have to experience that one! Hope she's OK now.

  2. Thanks for popping by sarah......
    C.K sale indeed has been one big drool fest!
    Nattie x

  3. Wow! Just simple yet very elegant. Like it.