Friday, 10 June 2011

A happy friday y'all .....x

Not only am I happy as it's Friday, but this morning I was met at the school gate by a local mummy with a vegetable box. She grows all the fruit and veg in the village, and offered a weekly veg box scheme, of course I signed up straight away, and had forgotten all about it.
I am so excited by it!!! I have, beetroot, chard, onions, carrots, turnips, herbs, spinich, ummmmm lettuce, mangtout...ummmm yummies!!!! I have already boiled up the beetroot in it's jewel like state, and sliced it still warm on a goat's cheese salad.....was quite something.

As I type, rain is lashing down the windows...this weather does not look good for the village garden party tomorrow..arghhhhhhh, rain rain go away till tomorrow evening please!

Since my post about my teeny tiny growing sweetpeas ( see HERE, I have discovered this morning that they are growing much more, perhaps I had sewn them too early, or planted them out too early, who knows, but they are filling the house with delightful wafts and brightening the place up a bit....who needs to buy farmed flowers from Holland from the supermarket? All we need are some sweetpeas and roses eh?

I have also started on a little ( big ) project for the local pre-school. Last year I made all the dap bags for the pre-schoolers that were moving up to big school. It's a sort of tradition, the teachers fill the bags up with goodies as a farewell pressie....such a sweet idea, and it's something that last year little bumblebee was really looking forward too.....( gosh...a whole year nearly at big school )....
So as you can see from my wobbly pictures today, I have begun on the names.......and what a lovely bunch of names there are too this year!

But you know  - I really should be baking for the garden party tomorrow.....lemon drizzle? Cupcakes..hummm
Happy weekend to you all, I love writing on here with all of you, it makes me happy. happy happy happy xxxxx

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  1. What a great idea - to have a fresh veg box would be my idea of heaven! Good luck with all the name sewing!