Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bridport Vintage Market........x

It's half term again, yippeeeeee I've been jumping for joy. Lazy wake ups, I am NOT a morning all.....not one bit. Of course having the bumblebee's here with me is wonderful, but the mornings, ahhh the mornings are a long lazy process.
Bridport, have a vintage market once a month, and this is fab - not only because it's an absolute feast for the eyes, a joy to potter about at, and plenty of bargains to be had....BUT starts at 12pm, so you can get your car boot sales done and dusted, or like us Q's......stumble about all morning, then work your way towards Bridport at a more comfortable speed...

The bumblebee's both paid a whopping 50p each for little dollies, and I came away empty handed!!!! There was sooo much to tempt me, many many beautiful fabrics, vintage school desks, china, clothes.......etc etc.....

Really I was just seeing what was there as this was our first time. Most things were priced quite reasonably
 we thought.........I rather fancied a school desk but hey, honestly? Where would it go?

But I know I will be fabric buying next month, and maybe jigging along to the french music playing, whilst munching the pizza's being served up......what a perfect must go...that's an order!


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