Sunday, 3 July 2011

30th hide-away...NO getaway......x

Well hellooooooo there, back from the land that time forgot, relaxed, calm, zen like....ready to take on the last 3 weeks of the summer term. Wales charmed us with its lush green countryside, pretty stone cottages, and it's country lanes winding around the bellies of hills and mountains. We saw many a fuschia foxglove, and town/village name we could not pronounce.

Wales was truly a hospitable host for my 30th birthday getaway, our Yurt ( you MUST MUST MUST stay in one, I don't mind where, but you MUST do it....I am a convert ) was soooo cute, and snug and to be honest, I found it hard to leave it all on it's lonesome every day...sniff sniff.

Mr.Q was on tippity top form, as we had fireworked cupcakes to nibble, I had pressies and cards to open ( another post on this soooooon ), posh choccies to scoff with champers in the evening, all whilst I thrashed him at chess.....( and ummm errr perhaps I may have got a little giggly on the bubbles and conked out on the bed with littlest bumblebee to snuggle...ooops)........

Awwwww, and people say, "what's it like being thirty then?".....which I never quite know how to answer...I feel the same, I am the same, ................................think I will always feel like a teenager.....just how it is.


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  1. Happy Birthday.
    You had a wonderful time
    Julie xxxxxxxx