Friday, 8 July 2011

Project reveal........x

Today I can show you what has been keeping me busy of late.
The pre-school dap bags ( sorry if I have gone on a bit about these!!! )......are finished and ready to be filled with treats for the pre-school leavers at their little picnic next week.

I love traditions, and this was one I was happy to be part of! Both my bumblebee's have handmade dap bags for school from the pre-school...this year I used the blues of the school colours and hand embroidered  the children's names....

I think the stripes are my fav's............what do you think?

This time of year seems to be more busy than Christmas!!! I am speedily munching my lunch, in between typing today, as sports day starts soon.....please let the rain hold off long enough, but perhaps when the parents races start....the rain can come then!

Enjoy your weekends, whatever you are doing, we are celebrating some friends anniversary in their field with a big party.......well earn 't I think.........

Bye bye.........xxxx


  1. These are really sweet Nat.
    Stripes are my fav too.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. The are gorgeous - hope the little people like them too
    Julie xxxxxxx