Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Two surprises and a sprinkle of appreciation.....x

Us mummies do seem to be busy bees especially right now, with the end of term dangling like a carrot in front of us. So it was lovely, yesterday morning to have an unexpected chit chat with a pal. She bought cakes with her ( one of the reasons she is infact a pal!! ) and we drank tea and chattered about all sort of terribly important things.....but we also had a birthday swap. Both being June babies......I unwrapped the cutest little felt cottage, which is a pin cushion AND a tape measure ( pull the front door!!! ) soooo sweet I am in love with it!!!

That was surprise No.1

Surprise No.2 happened when I picked the bumblebee's up from school. A little chap from class.1. found me and presented me with roses, a huge thankyou card and a little pressie!!!! Awwwww those little kiddies are so cute, it's all for my helping out each week with swimming......

But it's the notes the children wrote that got to me......what ARE they trying to do to me?!! A tired mummy, end of term madness had begun a long time ago ( you know the sorts of things I am talking about...little mistakes, putting the dog food in the fridge, trying to boil a kettle that hasn't been switched on...wearing cardigans inside out ).......

Sometimes, it's just so nice to be appreciated. A card would have done, but I am so grateful for my bits......

The bumblebee's have a WW2 lunch party today....many a child is dressed as an evacuee, sandwiches were made, homemade cakes too..... knee high socks and flat caps were abundant......what fun they will all have!

Big bumblebee also has her drama performance after school, and a friend coming for it no wonder then, that I wear my cardigan's inside out??!!!!!



  1. Hi what a nice post.It is nice to be appreciated,I love the little house and your beads are so pretty.Lots of love Jill xx

  2. How lovely - it makes it all worthwhile when you get appreciated like that.

  3. Pants. Just posted a comment but I didn't do the word verification said something along the lines of:

    As I sit here enjoying your "new to me" blog my cardi is on inside out complete with baby spew on the shoulder AND my knickers are inside out too.

    L:O:V:E your wallpaper!