Thursday, 7 July 2011

Birthday bits and bobs......x

I seem to be having a fuzzy moment with the like any other electrical thing, I have pressed lots of buttons, thinking this will help.......but it has made it worse. Fuzzy pictures are "in" today....ok?!!

I have wanted to show you my birthday treats all week, but have been madly sewing like a demon for the pre-school dap bags I am making. I am happy to announce they are all finished and waiting for drawstrings......phewwwwwww.....back to birthday bits...

The bumblebee's were so excited to show me the bits they had chosen, a teacup necklace, a little heart plate and a Cath Kidston tape measure, for all my making.....very thoughtful gifts.

Awwwwww my blurry vintage brooch, it's so beautiful, with dainty little flowers inside resin I think....the clasp on the back is sooo chunky and sturdy, things just arn't made like that these days....

My sister bought me the Hummingbird Bakery book, expandable waistline at the ready, but I'm thinking chocolate cake.........the pictures are beautifully shot, and the recipes are really diverse, ones I know I have nothing like already.

Now Mr.Q has been working on something for me for a while now, and he got soooo excited that he let me see it before my birthday. I had no idea what he was sneaking up to the garage doing night after night, he's a tinker at the best of times, so I just thought he was making or fixing things.....but infact he was....

Restoring an old postal bike for me, asking permission for use of the F&M basket, he's done a fantastic job, and I love riding her. How lucky am I???????

I can fit my shopping in there, perhaps a picnic, small child....................being 30's not all that bad!!!

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  1. Lovely pressies
    Love the bicycle
    Julie xxxxxxx