Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Homemade wrapping paper.............x

Wrapping presents, for me, is up there with the smell of nutmeg, flower meadows, a crackling fire, and children's giggles.....

I suppose you can spend £5 on a lovely roll of thick wrapping paper, beautifully printed......BUT I prefer brown paper. We jazz it up with pretty ribbons and tags, patterned tape, potato printing, and the bumblebee's love to use their colouring pens to draw pictures relevant to the receiver.....

Using scrap pieces of paper, the girls set to making their own wrapping paper this morning. I would be thrilled to receive such a piece of artwork!!!!!

F.Y.I........left is a toadstool and right is Cath Kidston's house! I love their little imaginations......



  1. They are great, well done to your creative children. I would be delighted to receive such a well wrapped pressie and would open it very carefully so I could treasure the paper too.

  2. These are such cute parcels, what great girls you have! Thank you for commenting on my blog and please rest assured, I have loads of half sewn bits hanging round my sewing room, too, i just don't show them!
    Hen x