Monday, 25 July 2011

A change and a sink????????????????? ......x

On our first day of the summer holidays and the bumblebee's are happy enough to spend it at home.....goody I say. It gives me a chance to catch up on things...and to play with my girls.

AND to show you a new treasure. Biggest bumblebee was poorly with a stomach bug this weekend....but by Sunday morning she was back to her perky self, and eager to car-boot it to find some Rainbow Magic books to add to her collection. We are such obliging we zoomed over the hill to Devon to the Rousden Boot...always full, good for a spot of china, and rainbow Magic books!

I have been ever so good of late, and only succumbed to a few bits and bobs ( I am aware of Mr.Q's voice echoing in my ear..." for every new treasure in the must go!" ) I avoided eye contact with a pretty woodland oil painting, touched and ahhhhhhed at an old black first aid metal box then popped it down, BUT even the Q couldn't resist what we saw....he did a good deal on it too....

A mini belfast sink, presumably used in a lab or a school......the lady wanted £10, but Q got it for £7.50......pretty good I thought eh?
For a while we have wanted one, to go under the outside tap for the bumblebee's to use washing hands, boots....etc...but thought a full sized one would be too big ( in true Somerset style, the neighbours have right of way behind our house ) this mini version is perfect!

Right then, this whole de-cluttering has got me thinking, perhaps I have too much stuff??????? My dresser has caught my it too much? I quite like the hap hazardness of it all, but maybe I need some clutter treasure control......

The dresser we found on that super on-line auction all its mahogany glory......bit of left over Farrow and Ball soon sorted it out, plus some left over wallpaper from our old house too....

 A little bit of handmade bunting, kiddie creations, treasures, a string of flower lights from my little sis, hummmmm I'm just not sure, I do tend to over think things...too many cups? More colour needed? take it all off and start again?...............

P.S Thankyou for some lovely comments of late, it's so lovely to see some newbies, and I love reading comments.


  1. I love the little rose china
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. I really like your dresser but for me the more the better! Looks lovely but I do know what you mean and its nice to have a change about every now and then. What a fab idea for the sink!

  3. What a fantastic find, that sink is just perfect!
    Miss P is into the Rainbow magic books too, she absolutely loves them and we are always on the lookout for them.
    Isabelle x