Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Garden love...................x

A certain little bumblebee's 5th birthday is coming up. For weeks this little mite has been changing her mind from a mad hatters tea party, to animals like cats and dalmatian doggies themes....oh it a huge decision don't you know. We have finally chosen fairies........I am not surprised in the least, but this is a theme I know well.

So whilst the party ideas ebbed and flowed this morning, I sought solace up at the vegetable patch and with the ladies......this place is fast becoming my refuge and quiet spot.

I fancy we're doing alright with our produce up there, if you stop still for a few minutes ( usually sipping tea ) and actually look at what's around you, the wildlife is a humming buzzing mass of wonderfulness. I love my house, and my little plot......I'm no expert, oh no not by a long shot. But it just so happens that this week, Alys turned up with a helping hand. In the form of her Edible Garden is invaluable. My new bible, packed with handy helpful hints and tips which are thoroughly tried and tested by the lady herself.

What I like is this............wayward interesting gardens, that look good, and are edible.

" From the start I have to admit that there is no plan - no regime, no particular order or rules to abide by, just recommendations. Your own experience teaches you more than anything else, so you will need to take a big breath and leap forward " Alys Fowler


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