Friday, 15 July 2011


It's Friday, and the sun is shinning in perfect.

A very nice friend, kindly passed me a bag of leftover fabric from her daughter's bedroom. She described it as a Toile style animal print, and my goodness it is sooo beautiful. I don't know the make/brand, but it is quite a heavy cotton, I'm thinking cushions for the bumblebee's daybed, but it's the sort of fabric feel like you can't cut. It's too pretty. But I'm sure I will put it to good use.
Did you notice the Ikea Rosali fabric??? I could not believe my eyes. We were very naughty parents last night, and took the bumblebee's off to Bristol Ikea after school, promising dinner out and a quick sight seeing whistle stop tour of the city. Well..... I think we all know by now, that you can't just pop in and out of just CAN'T..........I thought the rosali fabric was discontinued due to conversations with Cath Kidston? Anyway, I did actually squeak when I saw this duvet cover, lying all alone, on a shelf. It begged me and begged me to take it home, and love it forever. I couldn't say no. They also have lovely matching curtains, and bedspread too....just so you know....

But the real reason to shop was because we kept breaking out garden chairs. I cannot tell you the obscene about of pennies it cost to paint these chairs in Farrow and Ball paint. It makes me feel sick thinking about I was determined not to have wood again, but rather thought metal a la vintage styleeee would suit better. Alas pennies can't stretch that far, so Ikea won out....and I am super pleased with our bargain £15 each chairs.........

I had Mr.Q scrambling up into shelves to get the colours I wanted while the bumblebee's found an empty isle to sing and dance to whatever was playing over the speakers..........we must have looked a sight!
Four chairs, two stools, and a bag full of bits later, we exited..............and journeyed home, quite late, on a school night, with snoring kiddies in the back......tut tut.......

A cup of tea, a good book, feet up in a new garden chair ( without fear of breaking it and falling off....must exercise this week...just must ) enjoying the sunshine.........what bliss.



  1. So much to do and so little time.

    Glad the sun is shining with you too and your chairs look lovely.

    Touch wood - we've had our wooden ones for years.

    Nina x

  2. Hi, I just found you at jelly jam. I love the toile fabric, it is beautiful. Lucky you finding ikea rosali, i'll look forward to having a browse of your blog, bed is calling now though