Thursday, 28 July 2011

Slipped through the net......x

I'm a fond fan of a cushion. A girl can't have too many to squish and snuggle amongst.........and I can't believe I forgot to show you this baby.....she is new, and a birthday gift from a pal, hand made with her own fair hands.

Pretty, pretty fabrics, lovely bit 'a pipin, and some pom-pom trim, and of course some patchwork.

It's brilliant isn't it?

We have been party planning this morning, little bumblebee has a few girly friends from school over this weekend, and both my girls have been keen to get involved. We made cheese straws...munch munchy, and assembled party bags too, having fun with sweeties, cellophane, and stampers..........

We're hoping to make some tissue paper pom-poms to hang about the house/garden too...(  my cushion maker friend, also showed us these...will reveal all soon ! ) .......and that will be it. I LOVE children's parties soooo soooo much, ....BUT they can quickly get out of control, and before you know it, you are up till gone midnight perfecting a princess/ladybird/castle cake....freaking out about the colour and consistency of your icing, wrapping up layers and layers for pass the parcel, only to get to the end and forget how many you've done....

Well those days are over....for me anyway, not to say the children won't have fun, and oh yes there will be party games, AND a SORT OF cake ( boggled yet??!! ) fun, giggles, and smiles.....BUT it will be simpler for me, less panic and more enjoyable for all.........

It's the only way forward.......T.T.F.N xxx


  1. I love that cushion, can I be friend with your friend? Will she send me one?
    I love the look of your sofa, from what I can see anyway.

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  3. Hi Nattie, thanks for popping over and wishing me happy birthday! You have the same wallpaper that my daughter has in her room, and the same duvet set too. Great minds, eh?

    Hope the party goes well, I'm sure it will as it sounds fun already.