Thursday, 22 September 2011

A non day..............................x

Sometimes, I don't bake, I don't make, and I like that........

No amount of mascara could hide my tired eyes on the school run this morning. Last night I was up and down to littlest bumblebee who is feel a little under the weather.

So we are snuggling on the sofa, dozing, watching The Sound Of Music, napping, and cuddling hot water bottles.

Today I was going to zoom down to Exeter for a jolly little craft exhibition with a pal.......not to worry, I am happy to look after my bumblebee, bless her.........

Oooh this does give me the chance to tell you about a book I have begun reading.
It was a friends recommendation......The Help, Kathryn Stockett and so far so good. It is set in Jackson, Mississippi 1962.......and from the first page it had me hooked. Aibileen, the main character is a housekeeper, and she is quite fabulous, we connected immediately.......give it a go!

Oooh PLEASE don't forget to enter my giveaway here, it will be drawn early next week........!!!



  1. Oh what a darling house you have. A darling girl too, bless her, she looks so cosy. The books sounds great. The film of it is supposed to be good too.
    Can I say again, I love your house! So pretty! Get well soon little one. xxx

  2. I have days like that mostly all the time with my tot, he hates me doing anything other than be by his side. Get well soon little bumblebee.x

    Love the little tv nook!

  3. Hope your little bumblebee feels better soon! Although i am sure she will with lots of mummy snugglings!

    Oh I do love a good book!

    MBB x

  4. awwwww xx sounds like a lovely way to spend time together- i always look so tired at the moment- im still getting used to the school runs- and boy does it feel like a run! hehe ;0)x
    love the sound of music x havent been to Exeter for a while- i do love it there ;0)x enjoy x

    p.s hope the bumblebees are ok ? x

  5. Awww bless her, i hope she is feeling better very soon. Although it does sound like a gorgeous day!!

    i love that little heart cup, and we are big charlie and lola fans in our house - i'd even like that hot water bottle for myself. xx

  6. Oooh I read that book last year and it's fab!
    I stumbled across your blog recently and have enjoyed looking through.
    Enjoy the book (it's now out in film but I'll be scared to watch it in case it's not as good) and I hope the bumblebee is soon better.

  7. I hope your little one is feeling btter soon. My little S is feeling full of cold, I wonder if she'll make it to school tomorrow.
    I read that book a couple of months ago, another one of my book group reads. Isn't it fabulous! I heard it's being made into a movie.
    Lisa x