Friday, 30 September 2011

Hip hip hurray for Friday........x

You guys!!!!!! Your words have helped me through this tough old week. Thank you for being such a lovely lot!

I am pleased to announce it's FRIDAY........hurrah, this is just what's needed, and in this fine English weather as well....too kind.

SO apart from running around the village like a crazy country bumpkin lady, chasing after our Sethy dog , who regularly  decides the garden is far too boring for him, and so needs an adventure on the other side of the gate. Labrador's are so annoying. I could call him a thousand times ( and I think I may have )....he can hear me alright, he would just rather be rolling in a DEAD ANIMAL...yep that's right....gross. He was given a cold shower, a very stern telling off, and is now sulking in his bed.
Woah....I digress.....

I have also been sewing. Anyone who visits us at the cottage knows that the arm chairs belong to the doggies. Long have I wished for lovely plump pretty arm chairs, but it would just be wasted on them.
When I was given some old Ikea gingham curtains, I thought I might keep them for the bumblebee's room once they are a bit bigger and have grown out of pink. But the urge to cover the stinky doggy chairs was too much I tell you.....

B.T.W ...this is Aggie dog, not Sethy dog......he is still in his bed.

I'm not finished yet, a "loose cover" in the making......very loose I would say...

There's a reason you can't see the bottom part......winky wonky ahoy....

But you get the idea.....
Right now though......I fancy a sit down, drinking tea, in the sunshine with my book.

Happy friday.

Hold on......can I just say if you are finding it difficult to follow me, refresh the page, or click on the followers bit in the side's a little temperamental...not sure why....perhaps I have pixies in my computer.



  1. Ha ha, my dog likes rolling dead animal too. Snail and slug being his favourite at the moment.
    Great chair cover, oh how I envy your skill! I have tacked six little patches together today and have had to take a cake break!

  2. Lol a dog that likes an adventure! We used to have a beagle and loved to come home in Eue De Fox poop!

    We had to chase one of our bunnies round the garden this afternoon, he eascaped from his outside pen! Too many fences and holes he could eascape forever into!

    Love your chair cover! I wouldnt know where to start such pretty fabric.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    MBB x

  3. Brill chair cover. I love the shelf with the wallpaper behind. Swoonerama! Ooh, do you like my new word?

    Is he behaving himself now? The dog on the chair is a total cutie.

    Have a lovely snuggly weekend. xxx

  4. I think you've done a good job with the chair cover, better than I could manage anyway!

    I hope he learns his lesson from the cold shower!

    Ashley xxx

  5. Love the chair cover.

    Sethy dog should take lessons from Aggie dog, sit pretty on the chair and you get your photo took!

    Have a good weekend
    Julie xxxxxx

  6. dogs who'd have em .. us of course we put up with the antics cos we love em to bits .Love the cover its going to be lovely I am sure the dogs are really happy you have made their beds looks beautiful .Love the pink shelves too and I wish I had that wallpaper but it would be wasted on our rented home
    xx fee

  7. I love dogs; your two look smashing. However, they may be responsible in part for your daughters exacerbation of asthma. It is their long hair. Our springer spaniel made my asthma much worse, as I found out when he had passed away. Now even had I known about dogs, as well as cats making asthma worse, we wouldn't have got rid of him. But that was my decision as an adult. With your child's health you may have to make a sad decision. You may also find your childrens' ongoing illnesses decrease as well.

  8. Ah your house is just a feast for the eyes...the pink painted bookcase/ shelving unit is gorgeous. Your gingham chair cover is fab too - lucky doggies!

    Sorry to hear your little ones have been poorly. My eldest suffers with Asthma, as I do. It can be very scary. I hope they are on the mend and enjoying the lovely sunshine this weekend. Oh and enjoy your book :)

    Louise xx