Monday, 19 September 2011

We are having a give-away.........xxxx

....of the seasonal kind. The reason????? Well, firstly...this is my favourite time of why not? Secondly I have been so happy to receive some lovely comments of late, from all you lovely Florence and Rose readers, it absolutely makes my day to hear from you all......and we have a few new followers in the pack I have made you some bunting, and a brooch.

Acorns and poppy heads, hand stitched onto vintage fabric and Japanese linen, using a vintage lace too, makes up the bunting.

The brooch is a felt acorn, perfect for this time of year, I imagine it adorning a coat at a harvest festival!!

The give away is my FIRST ever.......and all I ask?????

As this is my favourite time of year, and we are talking about acorns and poppy heads, and Autumnal colours, please tell me what your favourite thing about this time of year is?......

Mine has to be the obvious, cosy nights in, slippers on, a hot cup of something, a blanket, snuggling Mr.Q and the doggies on the sofa in an evening...a book might be involved, or a good telly programme ( Downtown Abbey anyone? )......or the radio,  It does seem even more special if the wind is howling and rattling the windows, or it's pouring with rain too...........anyway.......that's mine.

You need to be a follower of the blog, leave me a way of contacting you too please.
And it's worth mentioning I will post ANYWHERE...........
Ooooh it's all very exciting isn't it?!!!!!

The bumblebee's will pick the winner out of a hat ( or any other suitable object, it might be a jam jar, or a bag, or a bowl, or a shoe...we don't JUST favour hats ).....ready for next week.

Good luck, I will keep my fingers crossed for you all.....and look forward to reading your seasonal comments.
Happy Monday to you all xxx
And thank you again for reading my blog. x


  1. A Giveaway! What a lovely one too!

    I am a fellow autumn/winter lover too! With all the things you mentioned. But also when the air turns crisp and have a good walk with family friends the trees always look amazing when they turn and that particular autumn smell in the air. And knowing that you return home to all that warmth and comfort. Mmmm lovely.

    Just love that bunting and the brooch too cute.

    I would love a chance of winning those.

    MBB x

  2. I love the low slanting golden light of late summer and berries in all varieties, hips, haws I don't mind! And red in all it's hues at this time of year, as an accent to what I'm wearing, maybe a scarf or a broach or a layering piece or socks or tights, you know what I mean! I like Doctor Who on Saturday night, I loved Amy's red scarf in the very first episode with Matt Smith. Happy days! The acorn motif is lovely by the way!

    Sarah x

  3. Please count me in!! Autumn is my favourite time of the year. First because my birthday is during this wonderful season. I was during Autumn time I meet my wonderful husband. I love the smell of dried leaves on the floor. Cinnamon and Cloves, pumpkin soup, wooly jumpers and boots. :)

  4. i just love this time of year for the colourful golden glows on the tree's in the park, nesting in a warm crochet blanky and wearing my scandinavian style slipper boots making me feel toasty...Brisky walks in the country followed by a warm home to return to. Wellies and splashing in puddles and layering up my clothes! i love layers!

    You are such a talented lady! your creations are just simply stunning! ;0)xxxx

  5. Hello, thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is gorgeous. I am now a follower and i would love to be entered into the wonderful giveaway xxxx

  6. Hi Nattie,thank you for leaving a lovely comment for me.I love this time of year when the morning is fresh and crisp and I can go for a walk and see the way every thing is changing getting ready for the winter,the cooler nights when we can light a fire and a few candles and snuggle up,oh and cos I have my birthday, today actually.I would love to win your giveaway can just see your pretty broach on my jacket please count me in.thank you.Love Jill xx

  7. Oh what a beautiful giveaway!! x

    Autumn is my most favourite time of year...

    ...kicking through crunchy golden leaves in my flowery wellies, wearing stripy knitted scarves and hats, cosying up at night with a good book under my patchwork quilt, my boys and I all getting into our pj's and snuggly dressing gowns after a cold afternoon school run, pumpkins glowing in the dark, acorns, conkers and sweet, warm, homecooked treats with a hot chocolate to follow!!... and all of the above! What is there not to love about Autumn??

    Thats me :)

    Louise xx

  8. Lovely! I want! Me! Me! Me! Sorry, just turned into a three year old. But they are so beautiful and gorgeous and seasonal and scrummy. You are very clever.
    Ta for your kind comment on my blog. I love hearing from you. You are a

  9. Autumn is a truly beautiful season. I like the light, there is a lovely mellowness about it (when it is sunny that is). Evenings in front of the fire watching programmes like Downton Abbey...Wasn't last night's episode good!
    I love going for walks to pick, elderberries, haws, blackberries and cobnuts with a basket.
    I love a dramatic dark sky with a ray of sunshine and the trees showing off an array of greens, reds, yellows and organges. I could go on more but that will do for now :-)
    Lovely giveway, please count me in, thank you.
    Isabelle x

  10. Can I just say I love your wooden beam too. Gorgeous house.xx

  11. What lovely bunting!

    I do love this time of year, to me it's the season of the robin. It seems everywhere you go their warbling is in earshot telling you to wrap up warm with a nice cup of chocolate!

  12. Oh I love them, the acorn is too cute.

    Autumn has always been my favourite season and I always state that it's because it does what it says on the tin, unlike some of the other seasons (especially summer, ahem).

    I love collecting nature items at this time of year, conkers, acorns, beautiful red leaves and using them in flower arrangements. This year I have heaps of gourds that I'm going to use decoratively. Also, Halloween as I love being spooked and the dark nights make me think of telling ghost stories by candlelight.

    Sam (greendragonfly in Google)x

  13. I love Autumn for the colours, for the nights drawing in, I can snuggle by the fire, and light candles. The moon sits big and low this time of year, it makes me feel happy.
    I'd love a chance to win your goodies, and always love reading your blog xx

  14. This is so lovely and generous of you.I must say that for the first time even tough we have very hut days in September I wish that summer isn't over yet.But I waiting for autumn for the jackets,walks,early nights,collecting chestnut in the park,also buying them on the street and eat them right away.

  15. I love crunching through the fallen leaves in the woods, hunting for acorns, fir cones and conkers to use for games and decorating!

  16. Sorry,I must say that there is not follow button anywhere.

  17. What a stunning giveaway, you are very talented and very generous!
    I love going for walks with my family and walking through the scrunchy crunchy leaves, taking a flask of hot chocolate with us too. And collecting conkers, so shiny, brown and smmoth.
    Lisa x

  18. Yes its most certainly the best time of year seasons changing I love autumn clothes we have the Scarborough fair then Halloween the bonfire night and birthday followed by xmas what's not to love
    Love your give-away please count me in
    Thank you
    xx fee

  19. I love the colours this time of year - kicking through the fallen leaves with my not so little children, and of course darker evenings mean I can sit by the fire with some crochet or sewing

  20. Awe what a lovely giveaway! I would love to enter! My favourite thing about autumn is wrapping up warm to go out in the beautiful bright sunshine, despite the cold, then coming home to a warm snuggly house! x

  21. Oh I am so happy to have found your beautiful blog :o)
    I found you through my shop stats, and i see its because you have me on your blog roll, how kind, i am going to add your to mine in a mo.
    I would love to enter your amazing giveaway, it must be my lucky day! your hand stitched bunting and brooch are both gorgeous, and it has to be said that i love a bunting!
    I love to sunshine in autumn, it has the most beautiful brightness and of course acorns with their little hats on.
    love jooles x

  22. Have I missed the deadline for this?! Drat. Enter me please if it isn't too late, your bunting is gorgeous! xx

  23. Bagsy me!
    I love watching the squashes change colour each day. as the leaves die away we're lest with these orange surprises dotted around the garden!

  24. Ooooh what a lovely giveaway!
    Very pretty bunting.
    My favourites things about Autumn are all the different coloured leaves that cover the ground at my local park.. they look so beautiful.
    Also I love all of the clothes that you can wear in Autumn.. and all the handmade knitted and crocheted items that can be worn and enjoyed..!

    Ashley xxx