Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It's all in the enamel....x

You could bake me anything, anything if it's in enamel........it will look amazing.
Building up a collection of enamelware right now....... doesn't have to be vintage with chips, new will do....I just love it. And secretly in the depths of my heart somewhere, I dream of a camper full of the stuff.

I love free food, and the best thing about living down our lane is, there are always happy neighbours ( and a few grumpy ones, but there always are arnt there? ) giving away raspberries, damsons, and apples....or rather that's what was being given away this week......Cue an Apple And Raspberry Crumble....

And perhaps I might have crept sneakily into the kitchen to finish it off ALONE!!! But how do children always know? They can smell it! Littlest bumblebee pricked up her ears as I entered the lounge......." what's that? I can smell crumble Mummy, have you been eating our pudding?"........." absolutely not darling ".......a little white lie every now and then does no harm.....All mummies do it.......but I warn you, do not do it with chocolate, I repeat, not with chocolate, they can sniff the stuff out a mile away, there's no hope.

Autumnal colours..................................that's what was on my mind this morning as I shopped in our local town...can you tell?
P.S.........Amy Butler wool..................my heart skips a beat. It was mine. It had me at the door.



  1. Looks yum.
    I just walked down the garden to find lots of raspberries needing picking.

    Love the colours of tights?

  2. Last night I spent ages preparing apples to go with the blackberries we picked at the weekend and made a huge pie at Mr VJ's request. Didn't leave it in the oven for long enough though and the pastry was all soggy underneath! Damn! Knew I should have made the crumble that I wanted instead!

    Lovely wool colours. M x

  3. Ahhh Autumn - I bought my little one those very same tights as they so reminded me of the season.

    Nina x

  4. I love enamelware too. It reminds me of my Dad. He drank Horlicks from an enamel cup with blue trim, similar to your baking tree.
    Love your cups too and your wool in such beautiful colours. xxx

  5. I'm just about to make Apple Pie in my Enamel Plate!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. ive just fallen in love with your blog! why havent i been sooner!...i could be here a while day dreaming over your delightful posts ;0)x

    p.s love the enamel dishes! i have some old ones, must loved x

  7. oopsy!...meant 'MUCH' loved...been on the vodca again hehe! x

  8. Lovely autumnal colours. Bet that crumble smelt amazing and amde evryone feel all warm and cosy!
    Lisa x