Friday, 23 September 2011

Hobbit love..................x

 So often when listening to the news, there are too many sad, bad, horrible stories going on in the world. Why can't we just BE NICE to one another? WHY is there always conflict and suffering.......I go through feeling angry that as people and human beings, we don't look after each other like we should, to sadness......are my children really going to grow up in such a harsh place, a place we have all contributed to????

Don't worry, I'm not on a quest, I'm not on a soapbox professing my thoughts and's just some all the rotten shallow media/entertainment nonsense ( NO I don't care what colour Cheryl Cole has died her hair, or who is dating who where and when ) a little gem of a story is discovered.

I have HUGE hobbit house envy. I'm sure you've all heard by now, about the hobbit house in Wales.
It is quite an amazing creation, a little piece of magic and perfect fairytale living......
Simon Dale has made this fantastic home, using sustainable sources, nature, traditional crafts, all low impact and all beautiful in their own way...It gets you thinking doesn't it?

From a girly, perhaps materialistic point of view, I just love this, the look, the atmosphere, just IT. Think of all those lovely childhood memories his children will have.........I bet that staircase creaks, and I bet Bilbo Baggins goes round for tea too.

So go and be inspired, have a look at the website perhaps we could all get together, make our own little hobbit house community, stitching and making, knitting and crocheting, keeping pigs, chickens, and sheep...letting our children run bare foot in the woods giggling and happy.

Sorry if this post is too boho for you.................she says, drinking her green tea..... cheerio folks xxx


  1. I love it!! It is a sad world sometimes, I try and make my bit of it as nice as possible, sadly there are, were, and always will be horrors out there, it is human nature. I totally love the hobbit house....when you think about it our world is rather similar to lord of the rings, (I'm a hobbit for sure)clever man Tolkien, have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Oh, love! I hadn't seen it before, so thanks for sharing. Being a shortarse, it is just the right size for me! It is quite quite beautiful and magic.
    The world is a freaky old place, I agree. I have the same thoughts running around my head. They will have hard times I imagine, but with good parents I think they'll get through.

  3. I love it I'd move in right now given the chance.
    xx fee

  4. I loved that idea and I wish my garden had enough space. I would build one straight away. Looks amazing!

  5. Oh I love the hobbit houses too! So cosy, safe, and warm looking.
    And love the Bob too - never too boho for me ;).

  6. What a charming little house. I wish I had one just like it. Thanks for sharing the link...I'm going to have to hop right on over and check it out.

  7. Lurve it! Not sure if enough space for alllllll my pretties though!!


  8. we must be able to change things, after all we are the mothers of the next generation and how we teach our children, impacts on how the leaders of our lovely country act. I can't understand how anyone would willingly attack another or deprive a human being of a basic existence, there are enough resources to go around if they were fairly shared. When I was young in the 60's we really felt we could change the world for the better, perhaps we did, I'd like to think so.