Sunday, 25 September 2011


........can I just remind you all of my GIVEAWAY purlease???????

The bumblebee's will pick a winner tomorrow sometime, we are all so excited as this is my FIRST give away...EVER, ever, ever.....although, I think I might have to make doubles of the bunting and brooch, I'm becoming far too fond of them.....

How can the weekend be nearly done with me? Our list of jobs that needed doing before winter- is still as long as an arm and a leg, and Q's arms and legs....can I borrow a magic wand please, to wave over everything? I know the jobs will never end in an old house, but it would be nice if I can actually tick just one off every now and then.

I don't know, a cup of tea, and seconds of apple and pear crumble will just have to do for now!!!

Pssssttt...don't forget...enter the giveaway!!! xxxx


  1. I don't blame you making seconds for you, they are gorgeous.

    Mmmmmm crumble!!!!!!


  2. I agree the list of jobs to do is a never ending one.
    Enjoy the crumble!
    Lisa x