Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sun, germs, books, fabric and a pew.......x

I'm not quite sure how we have managed it, but somehow the Q and I breed sick children. The bumblebee's are forever ill, they don't just save it for the winter months either, it's all year sharing and caring eh?

Cos' we all go down with the end....we always do. Someone told me a while ago, that once they get through pre-school, then their first year at school, they become more immune to the school bugs...Pah I tell you....what a load of toffee apple ( as my Dad would say )..........

So basically as you can probably tell by now.....I have eldest bumblebee off school with a variety of illnesses, bless her, I know I am a little bit over motherly of her. And she does get fed up with me asking how she is feeling, do you need anything, more cushions, water, milk, are you hungry, do you fancy some fresh air, let me just take your temperature again........LEAVE THE POOR KID ALONE YOU CRY!!!!!!

You see her Asthma worries me, it comes about at the oddest times, usually accompanied by a cold.....a few more weeks we have to wait for her flu jab......her little lifeline. 
So we headed off for a charity shop this sunny afternoon....( yup I kept checking, can you manage the walk, are you ok, tell me if you are too tired ).....she had some pennies she wanted to buy some books's amazing how far £1.60 can go in these places.......

She found books, I found fabric......

A cheerful fabric, quite Autumney I thought, perfect for a few projects, I'm delighted with it.

As I am a bit sleep deprived ( poorly kiddies...thanks ) it's probably not the best time to tell you what a week it's been. I won't go into details, as there is no need. But sometimes things are not always rosey, they don't go to plan, I guess we just have to get on with it.
A job came up, there I said it.....that felt good. I applied, and didn't even get an interview. That's not all, but hey.....who gives a monkey's.....I have two beautiful bumblebee's who are well behaved, loving and caring, and such good fun. The extra money would have been a huge help, BUT I am happy with my little lot.

The sun has come out, and rumour has it it's staying for a while. Once sleep has returned I plan on pottering out in that sunshine....plant a few bulbs, fiddle with the veg, sip tea and just be.

Thank you for listening to my moaning today....if you are still there.....thankyou!

P.S Do you like this pew? I discovered at at Q's work, apparently one of his "men" left it at work to store it when they moved house over 10 years ago...and it's still there...I'm trying to get my hands on it. I do love it.


  1. I hope your little ones will be well soon. There are times when my little man is like getting out of a cold and coming down with another straight away.
    I love the pew. ;)

  2. Hi,hope your little bumble bee is soon better,nice material and I love the pew hope you manage to get your hands on it.We got a pew earlier this year it needed a little sanding and tlc but I love it.Love Jill xx

  3. Ah poor little bumble bee, hope she is feeling better very soon x
    love the pew, i recently acquired a pew that was in my mum and dads bedroom when i was little, then my brother had it and now it is MINE!!
    shame it is so big, you can't exactly stick it up your jumper and walk off with it whistling can you, but i hope you get it :o)
    love j x

  4. Poor, poorly kiddies, they get loads of bugs don't they. My eldest had asthma, he's outgrown it now, weirdly. it is a scary thing. Something will come up job wise, keep chin up, xx
    P.S love the pew, I reckon it's got your name on it!

  5. Goodness, you shouldn't worry about sharing your worries with us- I am a mummy and understand completely. Does you bumble bees like local honey? This can help enormously with asthma. My sister has asthma too, and gets hay fever badly, she eats local honey. Secretly, I used to love being ill, so my mum would tuck me up in bed, and bring me homemade soup. You are doing a brilliant job, and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog xxx

  6. Found your sweet blog today and wanted to say hi! love the pew, I'd try so hard to get that!! I have the same CK wallpaper in my kitchen diner :) Pop over to my blog I am having a giveaway :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. nattie this sounds just like me! Sammy brought a bug home from baby group and now me sammy and Josh all have it, I sent joshy to school as the ur before last they sent me a lttr saying he had to much time off sick after lunch on mon the school rang me to pick him up, he has asthma too and bugs always get onto his chest so I am completely the same with the over mothering! Also I'm so so sooooo tired with waking poorly children and me too!
    Also I applied for a job a month ago and didn't even get an interview then out of the blue he rang me today did a phone interview and I've got to see him tomorrow it's part time and for a manager post I'm quite nervous not had an interview for about seven years maybe longer and I didn't apply for the manager position! Also I'd want that pew too it's lovely! Gosh we must be twins! He he, fliss xxxxx

  8. Sorry about my dodgy typing and spelling I've got a sleeping baby in my arms so trying to be quick before he wakes!

  9. I get ill a lot since Eliska started at nursery. When I worked with kids I did too. Eliska catches a fair few bugs too. I think lot of them do. It must be a bit worrying when they have asthma, but with a lovely caring mum like you, she'll be fine. I do the same thought, asking if she is alright over and over, but we just care! It sounds like you look after your little one beautifully. You need your mum when you are ill.
    Your house is so pretty. The wallpaper!
    Get the pew. I would nag, badger, failing that, steal under cover of darkness! Not really, but if it has been sat there that long, surely you can have it. I will wish for you. xxx

  10. i totally agree...i was told that old tale too 'kids immune systems strengthen after pre school...1st week of school a runny nose, 2nd week nasty cough, 3rd week a mix of everything- joy!!
    also a black eye last week from falling out of bed your piccys- your home looks so sweet, that pew so needs to go home with you hehe x

  11. Nice to meet you, Lissy Lou included you in her post.

    My daughter hardly ever gets ill and if she has one cold a year, thats a lot. My niece and nephew though...different matter. I often think its because theres two of them and twice more likely to pick things up then their mum is a child minder, even more bugs to share!

    Hope everyone feels better soon and you get to enjoy the weather.