Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ooooh for me?.........x

How sweet......The lovely Louise at Tea at weasel's has passed on an award to me. Honestly...I think I went a little bit red when I read she had passed this onto's just me, just Nattie. If anything I am amazed you lovely peeps actually keep coming back listening to me waffle on......and on......and on...

Please make yourself a cup of tea, perhaps with a few biscuits ( it is nearly the end of the week after all! )...and pop over to Louise's blog, as I often do, and admire her crocheting creations...she's quite clever you know. this is how this thing is supposed to go. After accepting your Versatile Blogger Award, the blinkin lovely Blogger must....

.....Thank the person who passed it onto them, and link them in the post.
.....Share 7 things about yourself in your post.
.....Pass this award onto 15 recently discovered blogs.

Here's the thing.......I'm only going to do a few blogs, just because there are a few that I REALLY REALLY love, and I hope you do too. And I just wanted to say thank you to them for such a lovely read, every time I log on. Sorry if I offend anyone.......I don't mean to....

So 7 things about me you say............ok.....still got that cuppa?!!!...

1. Shhhh sometimes, ok most times when walking down a road, I still try not to walk on the cracks in the pavement (  from that childhood rhyme..." Don't step on a crack 'cos you'll break your Mother's back ).

2. I tend to over think things...ever so slightly....whilst laying in friend said this is because I am so close to being a Gemini.....I have a little Gemini gremlin sitting on my shoulder.

3. I could drink Green tea and Earl Grey ALL day.........( not together )

4. I love the smell of nutmeg, and have often thought I should sleep with one in my pillow.

5. I am sooo clumsy, just this afternoon, I hit my head on the washing line, and bumped my leg on a rusty old wheelbarrow handle (  on the side of the painful, I did swear...a lot. )

6.  I feel the need to be surrounded by children and animals...I don't know why, I just acquire them, ...we have some new baby chicks arriving soon...eeek so exciting!

7......As a teenager, I dreamt I would marry Alex James from Blur....I was obsessed...and still am a little bit. But of course the man of my dreams I did Q....I love you.

So now comes the part, where I pass this blog award onto others.

By this time, you might want to go and make another cup of tea, whilst you read these beautiful blogs too.  

Happy Thursday to you all x


  1. Thanks for my award chickpea. I used to love Blur and saw them play in Manchester when I was younger. A girl jumped up on the stage and kissed Damon and how I wished it was me! I fancied Damon like mad, although Alex was gorg too. Do you know he runs a farm now and makes award winning cheese?
    I love Earl Grey too and I also try not to step on the cracks! xxx

  2. Congrats on your well deserved award. I shall go ans investigate the blogs you recommend.
    Lisa x