Saturday, 12 November 2011

Candlelight and new obsession.......steady x

I love these dark night drawing in, snuggling up with tea or a hot chocolate.
I feel a little sad, that we still don't have a REAL fire in the cottage. I can't boast to you all about how we snuggle and warm up our toes in front of the fire, ( we will have to line our chimney, and I'm think a cream wood burner would do me just fine, one thing at a time ) but for now...............

Candles will just have to do.

Ready for my latest OBSESSION??????? Perhaps, no, probably ,  I am years behind you all with these things, but one lady has come to my attention for her wonderful, whimsical, clever little creations. And all I can do is "ooooh" and "aaaaah" and want, and need, and long for every single thing she has made....ever, and for perhaps just half her brain, then I could think up such wonders.

TINYOWLKNITS is where it's at for me right now.Go,go,go,go there now my little lovelies, you must, you owe it to yourselves.

It's like I'm looking right into my head, and who wouldn't be happy with some kitty gloves, or bunny slippers??????? Come on now, we all want!

I think the bee keepers quilt has been doing the rounds in bloggy land for a while, and rightly is quite honestly........the bizzo.....yes I said bizzo.

Did you ever see such gloriousness? ( is this a word? )................................... if you already knew about TINYOWLKNITS  I beg your pardon, just go back to the top of the post and look at my candles. If not, you are welcome, your life will now change, and all you will think about before you go to bed are bunny slippers, gnomes, beekeepers quilts, butterfly gloves and Mr.Fox........( I do NEED one, I WILL have one ).

Happy Weekend xxx


  1. I too am having cream woodburner yearnings! I even went into the local stove shop last week thinking yes we can do this by Christmas... until they kindly added on the price of the hearth, the flue, opening up the chimney and them fitting the bloody thing! Maybe Christmas 2012 will be our woody one?

  2. Much as I love wood burners (we have one in Tim's office), they are not real fires. You cannot beat having a real open fire - it's also much easier to make one (just need a hole and a basket) but wood burners cost a small fortune. We need a new one as they don't last forever.

    That blanket is so nice!

  3. We have boringly replaced one real fire with a snazzy high-tech gas affair, and that's my new obsession ... we have fancy flame but we also have controllable heat and no mess ... wish we'd done it sooner! Still love to fill the place with candles though :D

  4. Lovely cosy post... Love your candle collection!!! I am off to check out tinyowlknits... Looks fab, thanks for the link! Hope you're enjoying your weekend :)

    Louise xx

  5. I love her blog! I got so excited when an email came through from her blog showing the butterfly gloves.. they are soooo cute. I just wish I didn't have about a million other things on the go at the moment!

    Ashley xxx

  6. 'tiny owl knits' is so adorable!- i only found her blog a few months back ;0), but its full of dreamy lovely knits...those rabbit slippers are so sweeeeet! and the bee keeper quilt is something ive started, but like many other 'startsies' that i have its still on going ;0)
    love all the candles, my mum has a log burner and i'd so love one myself...growing up in our family home when i was my daughters age i loved cosying up by a real fire and feeling that warm glow on my home has fire places- but for some mad reason they are covered up in plaster board! you candles are my dreamy make-do! ;0)x

  7. What a lovely home you have!
    I love wood burners!

    Great blanket!

  8. Hi,we have a wood burner that I just could not live without,its so cosy to sit down with a cuppa and warm toes when you come in from the cold outside.I love candles and have a heart just like yours.Lovely bunny slippers and blanket.Love Jill xx

  9. Awww thanks ever so much for your lovely words ladies! Bu I think i'm even more confussled than ever about open fires and woodburners....eeeeek!!! Ellie jelly jam, I think we just need to wink and smile nicely, then the nice cream woodburner men might just give in .....cream woodburners I think are the way that price though....10years???
    Nattie x