Tuesday, 15 November 2011

If you can't deal with Christmas yet...look away x

My head's filled with all thing Christmassy. And I like it!
I was thinking yesterday, as I finished off these present sacks, and this is what I thought.

This year, our decorations are going to be handmade. using paper doilies, pom-poms, and tissue paper, all white and all delicious....our normal style is quite.... eclectic ( anything goes, any colour, any place, any where )..this year will be more managed and make do and mend.

Last year.........not this, I'm not THAT into it all x

A few walks are in order, pine cones need to be gathered, and I've seen some nice thistle heads down the lane I'm going to claim. ( that rhymed ).

You see the bumblebee's are off school the WHOLE week before Christmas Day, which is unheard of, and I'm going to make the most of it this year. Too many parents grumble about having the kiddie at home in the holidays and to be honest ....I'm fed up of hearing about it. If you don't like kids, you shouldn't of had them. If I 've upset you sorry, but this bloggy place lets me say my thoughts out loud and we all have our own views huh? And I quite like my girls, it's great to have an excuse to play and make...it's not going to last forever, so I'm enjoying it. 
Perhaps it's because I only have two bumblebee's , maybe having more would be harder, noisier, more chaos.  I think really, you have to give up on the clean house with kids under 10years. It's just not going to happen. Not in my home anyway. And I like that. We get the glitters out, the glue, boxes, pens, air drying clay because.........well because we want to.....

The week before Christmas I'm going to make sure we have lots and lots of bits to do, meet a few pals for festive gatherings, and watch the crappy and the good films on the telly.

Have I completely overloaded you with Christmas planning and chatter?!!!
You know, I have also been buying presents and am nearly done!! Hurrah, because my goodness tis tre expensive non? That lovely lady over at   x A Thrifty Mrs x made me stand to attention a while back, and I stole her presents ideas.......( hope you didn't mind! )....because she had a super idea about P.J's and popcorn. have a little look

Right T.T.F.N..............xxxx


  1. I say "bring it on"! I am at the Treasurers House Shopping by Fairylight fair in Martock on Thursday evening and for me that is always the start of Christmas. It is so atmospheric and everyone is in the Christmas mood, supping mulled wine and eating mince pies. My little gold tree and glass baubles will be coming out tonight in readiness as I always have it on my Christmas stall! M x

  2. Yay! Christmas! As I am married to Mr. Christmas it would be difficult for me not to like it. ;0) Although I do wish it would be a bit chiller am finding it hard to think Christmassy thoughts when it still feels like September!

    I agree with you on having your littlies home. I love planning little things with them. It's what being a stay at home mamma is all about for me. I really want to do some salt dough decorations this year but have had some disaters with them in the past! So fingers crossed wish me luck! lol.

    MBB x

  3. ENJOY IT...im already like you getting into the festive flow of things! enjoy seeing all the decors in town and soon we will have the christmas 'swiss' type huts in the city for the christmas market for gifts and foods and the christmas tree...cant wait!!!!...i wonder why some mums have kids- i hate the ear ache in the playground of 'i'd rather be at work- dreading christmas'...
    my daughter sophia's been very unwell and although i hate seeing her full of chest infection and sickness ive really enjoyed her being home with me- snuggling up and playing- making mess--- who cares they are only kids for such a short time...

    bring on the festive joys...
    love your tree from last year ;0)x
    and those wonderful sacks x

  4. I adore that little tree on top of the table....and what you created!
    I too am obsessed with candle light so warm and cozy especially on our chilly nights!

  5. Good for you! I agree, it's lovely to have time off with the children. I break up the same time as them, as I work term-time only - the only thing I wish is that they had more time off after Christmas to play with their new toys/dvds/games etc.

  6. I nearly did look away (being a last minute kind of girl) but I was intrigued by those berries on your holly so just had to take a peak!
    Being a teacher I love the holidays and can't wait to have some time with my girls before Christmas this year. Who knows I might not be quite so last minute either although we'll have a 6th birthday to squeeze in in that week too so maybe it'll be as crazy as ever?

  7. Hi,I used to love my childrens school holidays some of my friends thought me mad but hey I already know that LOL.Now I look forward to my eldest grandsons school hols,have a happy time.Love Jill xx

  8. I totally live in the middle of nowhere and don't have many pals, so being a bit of a Billy no pals, Eliska is my top pal. I get a bit sad when she is not with me. The only prob is getting her entertained sometimes as she is at the age where her attention doesn¨t last long. I am trying to do activities with her, as lack of attention is almost a form of abuse really.
    Also, being in the middle of nowhere, I get quite into Christmas early here, making the house nice etc. For some reason, I get sressed and don't always enjoy the day itself, so I try to enjoy the build up and the season itself.
    You sound like a lovely Mummy. I love the pics from your gorgeous home. xxx