Thursday, 17 November 2011


I have issues....with my camera, what have I done?????????? Everything is blurry and dazed and fluffy.
Very annoying I must say.

When we arrive back from school late in the afternoon now, I have been leaving the lights on, I know naughty me, wasting electricity. But I love to come home , and look in, it all looks so cosy and comforting...Shhhhh don't tell Mr.Q.......

Though, the dropping of the school bags as soon as the bumblebee's enter is not so welcoming......

I told you, blurry, blurry, blurry.

This morning, after having a well deserved cup of tea with a friend, I trundled into town, bought a few Christmas presents, stocking fillers, and generally felt quite pleased with myself. I took my time, deliberating between chocolate father Christmas's and teddy bears, jars of colourful jelly beans and stripey candy canes. Snuggly  woolly walking socks, bottles of local ciders, smelly seasonal candles......then I came home dashed to the bathroom and realized I have been wearing my top inside out........not only that, but back to front too, with label showing to all................pffffffff....The shame!

Today is the first day this week I've had to just catch up, and not feel like I'm chasing my tail. It's been great, and needed. I even managed to put together some knitted bunting for the School Christmas Fayre box.......ouch then was told the huge window poster I had been working on this week to advertise the fayre had to be in last week.....deadline missed. Have I been juggling to many balls? 

I think we can get over it, and use a shop window in town instead, but hey, ooooppps, what can you do?

Cup of tea? Well go on then.......xx


  1. lovely post, shame about your camera, i can't help i'm afraid. maybe go online and see if there is a trouble shooting page for your camera x

  2. what a lovely lovely home you have! sometimes if i try to take photos with less light they come blurry. i think camera stand would cure this, but i am too lazy to get one.

  3. Your home looks so cosy ,warm and inviting and i love your knitted bunting ,all lovely xx

  4. I love your sweetly lit up house......

  5. There was me admiring the splendid condition of your sashes and almost forgetting to peak inside! I must admit to loving walking the streets in the evening and peaking through peoples windows when the lights are on and the curtains open. I know it's a really bad habit and don't get me wrong, I don't go out with that intention, but there's something about looking in on someone elses world...
    Oh blimey I think I'd better stop as I'm sounding like a right nutter/peeping Tom.

  6. Your home does look so cosy.
    Feels good to get out and get things accomplished doesn't it.
    Lisa x

  7. Your home looks lovely and I love leaving the lights on at this time of year too - I feel it makes a home feel cosy and inviting.....though my mister would disagree as well.

    Nina x

  8. Hi,looking through your window into the room looks so pretty,I must confess to leaving far to many lights on in our house,I just hate walking into a room and it been dark much more welcoming with a lamp on and a candle burning away in a corner.I also look through other peoples windows into their little worlds.Love your bunting.Love Jill xx

  9. That room really does look cosy through the window all lit up like that, and a little bit of cosy is so important in winter x

  10. Your house does look so cosy and inviting...I won't tell about the lights I promise, hehe ;-)
    Love the knitting bunting...I am working on some at the mo, I do love a bit of bunting!

    Louise xx