Monday, 7 November 2011

A happy Knitter...............x

Did you all enjoy some fireworks this weekend?
I'm a bit of a baby where there are fireworks, the bangs, oh the bangs are almost too much to bear.
I'm not sure who was holding on tighter, littlest bumblebee or me???????

We joined some pals in a nearby village and watched a lovely display, ( with ear defenders for the bumblebees) and ended up getting two displays for the price of one....I love a bargain! ( there is a private school just by the cricket club where we were, and they too had a fabby display ).
Then drove back to pals house for a feast fit for a king, and a lot of chattering and nattering...brill.

Not sure why, but are all feeling a little jaded.

What better to cheer yourself up, than by finishing off some knitted bunting? ( whilst watching the last Downton Abby, it was a goody eh? I love Maggie Smith as Gran, " Have we all stepped through the looking glass?"............she steals the show for me. )

I do very much love this, thank you JANE BROCKET super knitting needle lady.

I like instant success.

I like swifty projects.

I like bright happy colours.

I love ric rac.......especially red ric rac ( say it fast, red ric rac, red ric rac, red ric rac, red ric rac )

So easy peasy, for a learning knitter like me........EVERYONE MUST have some knitted bunting in their life.

Oh and just so you know, I'm aware of my rubbishy looking pictures today, and I apologize for them, I just couldn't be bothered to charge the batteries in the normal camera and used my mobile instead......Lazy, lazy girl.....( it's going to be one of those weeks......I'll just have another cup of tea, and another, and another....I might even have a choccie biccie too....)

Have a fun week x


  1. Your bunting looks fab, so pretty! and go for it with the painting floors they are easy to clean and touch up!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. lovely post- bet you and the bumblebee's loved the fireworks and warm festive meal afterwards ;0)
    loving the bunting- beautiful...i think your images are wonderful- always loos so cisy in your home- can i have a bickie with you? hehe xx enjoy x

  3. That bunting looks really gorgeous! It's great when you have a finished project to admire!

    We had our own little firework get together at our house. Which is funny as I have always hated firework night. But as the girls have grown they have so badly wanted to join in with the noise making!

    MBB x

  4. I love that bunting and I bet it wasn't easy - at least not for someone like me?!! Infact I am loving the whole look of what I can see of that room!! -x-

  5. Pretty bunting ... well done you x

  6. Love your bunting. And the idea of using ric rac is fab!
    Lisa x