Friday, 4 November 2011

Shout out's and incomplete's.....x

I would like to get one job finished, before starting another one. I'm terrible, does this mean I have a short attention span, or that I just can't complete and task and follow it through? Whatever, I have a long list for Q on the kitchen memo board ( previously used for FUN things, now full of boring jobs all incomplete housey type things ),  many a sewing project started with  good intention, left in a cupboard all lonely and half heartedly forgotten, two knitting presents....not quite there, owwww and a hundred other things I really cant be bothered to mention....because I would like to pop my head back into the sand now please.

So I have refrained from attacking this piano stool with my paint brush, fabric, wadding, and ric rac......although it's one of those things where I really can't stop looking at it every time I go through the dining room, thinking...." it wouldn't take long, just the afternoon "....NO I must get on with other bits first....I MUST.

Important things like, laying the table, making it look pwetty for my pals wot are eating dinner ere tonight. THAT is a super important job.

And shouting out about the lovely GIVEAWAY from Jools right here at Sew Sweet Violet ( please enter, or not, because that will mean I have more of a chance of winning...mmmwhhh haa haa ha ha )

And also telling you about my lovely Jacq. My lovely Jacq moved away ( how wicked of her ) a few years back to Australia. I know ,how rude right?! She is ever so clever and talented and brilliant, and makes lots of lovely pictures, illustrations, clocks, you name it really.
I love the simple birds she does, and she sent big bumblebee's birthday card with one on, handmade of course. Check her out at funkydory .

So happy weekend, enjoy what ever you will be doing, speak soon xxxxx


  1. if it is of any comfort, i too seem to start one job before finishing another.
    have a lovely weekend!


  2. My neighbour has just bought a piano stool that needs tidying up so I'll be watching out what you do with yours :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. I'm the same way only I start things and often never finish....what a sweet home you have!