Monday, 28 November 2011

My heart's a flutter....................

with the tinkling of new Christmas decorations.....................

Thank you Gisella Graham, you never let me down on the decorations, every year there's more sparkle, more whimsy, more fairytale like treasures to discover.....

I added my own ribbons to Father Christmas, The Frog Prince, and Birdy............just because.

Though the frog seems rather disgruntled......... perhaps because we haven't kissed him yet, and turned him back into a true Prince....who can say.

For now, they will live here........( you can get similar baubles from paperchase)

ALSO....and I am super excited about this, my heart flutters for these ickle little babies........

Bunny slippers!!! Eeeeeeeek, I literally could not think about anything else from the moment I discovered them at  X TINY OWL KNITS X along with Mr.Fox and all the other scrumptious designs ( which you can download for a very reasonable fee )........

I cannot claim to have done them though. Should I have just kept quiet?! " yeah, I made them, what about it?!"...........No sadly, I sent the pattern to my Mother, who with in a few days had sent the "skins" back to me, ready to be felted and adorned....Clever Mother........hearts you xxxx

I may have been talking to them while they were having their eyes and nose sewn..........and a big bumblebee did walk by and snigger at me ( though, now she wants a pair of her very see.....????!!!! Do not mock me!!! )

Since being finished, these little scamps have been hoppity hopping around the house in a hap hazzard kind of fashion......

I found them reading my books,

hopping onto the piano for a kiss ( they do this alot.....eskimo kisses with noses.......CUTE! )

and I even found them on big bumblebee's feet

Right now they are watching The Sound Of Music snuggled in amongst the cushions on the sofa.......I think I can hear snoring.

Flutter, flutter, flutter xxxxx


  1. I want a cup of tea in your home so I could sit and take it all in.....I want a pair of those sweet slippers!

  2. wow those rabbit slippers are soooooo adorable clever mother ;0)x glad your man is ok? i was just catching up on posts - best wishes. those tree decors a sweet too , lovely post as always x

  3. What wonderful slippers!! your ornaments are super cute too :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. I must have that frog! and love the slippers - they deserve a peewee moment (if you don't know it - you tube Peewee's big adventure waking up in the morning). xx

  5. Lovely decorations and wonderful slippers I want some.Oh and my favourite film Sound of music will be watching it at christmas cos its always on,lol.Love Jill xx

  6. GG does sell the best decorations. I love Birch craft too. Fab-u-lous slippers!
    Lisa x

  7. Hi Nattie
    CONGRATS you've just won one of my (Christmas) stockings in my giveaway!!! Let me know how to contact you for a postal address.
    So glad it's going to a good home.