Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas Fayre time........................x

What lovely people you all are!!! Thank you so much for all your nice words, and the Q is ever so grateful too.

Yesterday we spend the afternoon at the School Christmas Fayre. Q wanted to get out of the house, cabin fever has def. set in. So he came along and helped the bumblebee's with their hook a duck stall ( which they made £35.20p on for the school....pretty good I though, for a few sweeties and rubber ducks )

And I was stall sitting. For a lovely pal, wot sells ever so nice homey bits and bobs. As crhistmas fayre season is well under way, she was busy doing another that day, which was fine by me as I got to handle and ooooh and ahhhhh over all the stock...fab!

There is a slight pressure in getting the display right when it's for a friend, but as we are like minded, I think she was pleased when I sent her a picture.

What with strawberry doorstops, Emma Bridgewater tins, ditsy mice, and knitting nancy's........what an array of splendor!!! Stop by COUNTRY HOME AND CRAFTS and have a little look around!!!! Tis a bit lovely.

I didn't manage to take any other piccies, but there were some lovely outside stalls, with vintage bits, homemade crafts etc etc......and of course inside a father Christmas grotto ( BARGAIN!!! £2.50 in a lovely grotto, with a fairy friend too, and a book each...woo hoo) and many many school stalls. You know, Father Christmas came by helicopter no less!!!!!! 

Happy Sunday lovelies x


  1. Hi, glad Q is out and about again,you sound as if you had a brillant time at the fair.The stall looks lovely well done and to bumblebee for raising all that money.Love Jill xx

  2. The stall looks lovely, I'm sure your friend was very pleased.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. what a pretty stall, it all looks so lovely.x

  4. What a way to travel! The stall looks lovely. Well done to the bumblebess on their stall.
    Lisa x