Friday, 25 November 2011

This week....................x

Thank you all for you patience and messages.
We had a little shocker early on this week...Q had been suffering with a sore tummy. So Monday morning came, and off he popped to the G.P' our alarm he was told to make his way to the hospital with an over night bag!

Can you imagine?! Not only did I have big bumblebee home with the wheezing ( and expecting to end up at hospital with her later that day because of it ) I now had a poorly Mr.Q...whom I dropped off at A&E where the surgeon was waiting for him.

Well, I tell you..he didn't want me with him ( he's wasn't being a MAN about it, just a good daddy, as he wanted Big bumblebee kept away from the dreaded hospital, there's no knowing what her little eyes might see ).

All day I waited upon text messages, telling me this and that from the Q. That afternoon he had his keyhole surgery, which took a little bit longer than normal. Yup, I was pacing up and down, calling the ward.......then when he arrived back at his ward, I zoomed of in a puff of smoke to visit.

Groggy, dazzed, sicky, but still a hottie....Mr.Q laid in his bed. War wounds ahoy. But well. You see they thought it was his Appendix, but No ( though he did have those out for a penny an' all that ) but rather a nasty lumpy bit of colon, that had twisted and turned and caused all sorts of nasties.......including gangrene.

Home now ( that was all in 24 hrs!! ) sore, and sleepy he is well thank you very much. And I have never been so pleased to have him at home.

The big bumblebee B.T.W was well, and didn't end up in hospital ( I had a  vision of running from one end of the hospital to the other.....with little bumblebee chasing the keep up..) and is just about as right as rain.

Phew.....what a week. All's well though, no need to panic now, just cuddles. Lots of cuddles. 

I have to say it, I am a very good nurse ( so say I ) and I do love my Q ever so much. He scared me, no doubt about that, but I am so grateful for my little lot. Truly I am.........

Do me a favor? Go and hug and kiss the ones you love right now........tell them how much you love them.

What a week, what a week.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Piccies from the yummies I've been making for the school fayre this weekend. Force feeding the Q cakes and biscuits....can't be bad.



  1. Big virtual HUGGLES from me, (they are giant cuddles in case you were wondering!)
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. OMG, what a terrible fright for you all. Thank goodness Q's doctor was on the ball and he got sorted.

    Gorgeous biscuits - love that colour green!


  3. Phew, poor you and Q. Glad everyone's ok. The biscuits look fab. Have a gentle weekend. M x

  4. oh my, doesn't sound too much fun! so glad all is well now & he's on the mend - {& the biscuits look yummy!}

  5. Hi Nattie,
    so glad to hear Q's on the mend. What a scary time for you all.
    I'm amazed at how you managed to 'rustle' up all those packs of biscuits in amongst your dramas!!

  6. Hi,oh dear what a time you have had,glad all is looking better.If I had all that worry there would not be any biscuits left for the school I would of eaten them all,they look lovely.Love Jill xx

  7. Ah bless!! Phew, you must have been shell-shocked after all that!! Glad they caught it when they did though!!

    Not sure those lovely biccie pics go with the gangrene bit!!! lol!

  8. Oh my goodness what a rollercoaster 24 hours you all have had! I can only imagine how worried you must have been.... I do hope that hubby and your little one are on the mend and feeling better today and that you can maybe relax a bit? (with the help of those scrummy looking biccies of course!!)

    Take care
    Louise xx

  9. oh my what a stressfull time! So very pleased to read that everyone is home and on the way to full health again. Big hugs to all.
    Lisa x