Monday, 23 May 2011


I love a free -bee as you prob know by now, so when Mr.Q came home with a car boot full of wooden palettes, we are now pondering what to do with them. A couple have already been used to edge a raised vegetable bed, the others I am confuzzled about. So need your help deciding. Any ideas? I did think a hefty bug hotel? Compost heap? Use as edging in the garden? hoooo hummm......let me know your ideas won't you.......

I am busily getting on with my patchwork blanket, and I am so loving the brick pattern I decided on. Some of the fabrics are fast becoming favourites, there is no colour scheme. I am simply using fabrics I like, some I have had a while, never knowing what to do with them, not even wanting to cut them up! I've had a few raised eyebrows when  I've said it's all hand sewn, but the brilliant thing about that is I can take it anywhere......this weekend the Q has been digging and building up at the working garden, the bumblebee's whizzed about on bikes and scooters, and jumping in the mud...Me, I sat with my patchwork sewing in the sun...................


  1. Hi Nattie
    I'll get back to you on the pallet thing?

    I like your colour choices, now go sew it up!

  2. Hi there,found you through Tales from Cuckoo land,love your blog.I also love the brick road quilt you are making ,the fabrics are gorgeous,I would love to have a go at that one!ttfn xx