Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How are you coping with your post wedding blues?!....x

I think I have post wedding blues............................we, I had such an emotional day, such a build up, but the dress, oh the dress, the cheeky Harry, the trees in the Abbey I thought were so beautiful and whimsical, a real fairytale. Ho hummmm it makes me want to get married all over again......

There have been things to take my mind off the lack of wedding talk.......things being....a spot of boating up the river, ice-creams on the beach, and paint. Annie Sloan to be exact. have I lost you? Lets start again....

I urge you, if you are ever down this west country way, to take a boat out, up the river at West Bay, just outside Bridport - Dorset. The bumblebee's had the best time, the grinning and giggling didn't stop. Of course sunshine is probably best, with a picnic....dogs can be taken ( well behaved dogs.....we left ours at home! ) and off you go in search for ratty and toad....

Also as the boat hire is in the harbour, you can stop off for fish and chips, or a splash on the beach. There is also a new play park for the kiddies which is great...all new parks are always a hit.

Paint, paint, paint. I have been painting. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found an Annie Sloan stockist nearby. It has changed my life........seriously! The idea of not having to sand down and prep, is insane, and I honestly didn't think it would work. The lovely lady in ShyViolet was so enthusiastic about the paint, that I literally raced home and began the first project........

I don't mind dark furniture, but in small doses. Mr.Q warned me it could end up looking like an Elton John piano if I wasn't careful......how blinkin rude I said!!!

We just need to find a suitable Piano stool now..............................

I love it soooo much!!!

And then there was the sideboard.......

This was given to us by my parents a few years ago, when my Dad still had his Antiques shop....It did take a lot of guts to paint this, as it is such a lovely piece of furniture...eeeek I don't know what my Dad will say when he next see's it!!! 

I love how bright and airy the room looks now, with the painted beams too. This is just how I imagined the room looking when we first looked around the cottage. For a cottage, we are very lucky as we do have lots of natural light from our big windows anyway, but I just love painted furniture so much.....x


  1. Love the paint jobs - I too am a lover of Annie Sloan and have painted lots of furniture with her paint. Have to name drop now Annie phoned me when I said I had had a problem with one of my tins of paint she was very nice and kind and sent me a replacement. How I loved saying to my family that day 'Oh just had a chat with Annie about painting the furniture you know! - so funny.

  2. Hello Nattie
    Thank you for your blog visit...
    I too, loved those trees in the Abbey.. just wondering how I am going to manoeuvre the local Silver Birch into our hall!
    I think your piano looks fab..more of an Enya than an Elton John.
    Michele x

  3. Hello Nattie,
    I've just been enjoying reading back through your blogposts, and came to this one, where you paint the piano and sideboard! Aren't they fantastic with their coats of paint! What a wonderful transformation, they look gorgeous! I hope you enjoy making something from that chic and simple sewing book, it makes everything seem quite easy, from a beginners point of view!
    Love Vanessa xxx