Saturday, 28 May 2011

Creepy creatures and yums......x

It's that time of year where creatures, however cute for my girls are an absolute nuisance in the veg garden.......this morning whilst feeding the chickens their weekend porridge, big bumblebee and I watered the ever growing vegetable find...eeeeeekkk an ARMY of caterpillars did I miss them before???? They have given us the same hebe geebies as head lice......we flung them into the chicken pen ( hope they are not poisonous? )....and swiftly retreated home for comfort in the form of Rocky road....


As the weather here in Somerset this morning is looking a little iffy, a song to cheer us up is just what we need. My bestest pal introduced me to this one, and it's been on loop for days.... enjoy it, play it loud, whilst prancing around your lounge is best.

Happy weekend xxx

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  1. Sat here drinking tea from exactly the same heart mug, we have good taste! Love the dots on your blog, they are gorgeous x